Repeated Postcards

Do you ever send postcards with the same design of a postcard you’ve already sent before?
It’s really hard for me to find good postcards in where I live, so I was considering purchasing the same ones that I liked before, but to be honest, I wanted to send them different ones each time :frowning_face:

I was also thinking of printing some of my pictures and send them as a postcard. At least they’d be unique. But I’m afraid the paper won’t be strong enough to resist the “travel”. Do you guys have any ideas?


There are not a lot of postcards available in my area, so of course when I find some I may buy 10 or 20 of any that I like. I also order cards be printed for my area and the minimum is usually 100 cards so yes, I definitely send the same card to many people but I have thousands of cards now and do try to fit a card to the person. In the forums, I keep a list of what I have sent to people so I don’t send it to them again but I do not worry about my official cards as I just send to them once usually.

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I think the same card print can make multiple people happy, so I do tend to send repeats. After all, it’s the person who’s unique, and sooner or later you’ll run out of different designs to send to each address. I know it’s a little boring to keep sending the same postcard over and over again, but they never go to the same person twice on your official account!

Welcome to the forum by the way!


Yes, I buy the designs I like many times as I prefer to send cards I like. They’re all going to different people!

If you print your own photos (I’ve done so before) you should use a service that will print them on postcard paper and they will look like real postcards - mine were perfect. There are many such services online or even if you look for a printer in your area. They are not too expensive (at least the online ones). Please don’t use your home printer :slightly_smiling_face:


I often buy multiple copies of the same card, especially from my home town (not so much when I’m travelling). I don’t see an issue with it.

For self-printing: well… if you have nice photos use a professional service. I’ve printed several cards (using a professional service) and it’s way cheaper than buying cards in a normal shop (at least here in Germany).


So Postcrossing allows us to send postcard to the same people again? Did it happen to you?

I get you point! Thanks for answering ^^

I’ll defenitely check it out, thanks!

and NO, I’d not print it out with my own printer LOL I’d look like crap haha


No, you’ll send or receive 1 card from each postcrosser. If you send a card to person x today, you won’t receive from x or send again to x. I think @Angeldreamer was talking about forum swaps and other games like tags or RR.
If you need anything else come visit our Portuguese corner at #communities:portugues :wink:

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Thanks! I’ll check it out here in where I live

Oh yeah! I’m new to the postcrossing community so I forgot about directswaps. And to be honest, I didn’t even know there were postcard games :0 Thanks for your answer!

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I couldn’t agree more!

Although, as I have hundreds of postacards, I try to diversify and do not repeat frequently (unless in the case of special occasions, like WPD) and try to fit the card to the postcrosser wishes to whom I am sending (not always possible…).

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So, it is clear that professional printing (like MOO, xxL, or a printig house at your neighborhood) are “fully” acceptable as legitimate professional cards.

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I’ve come across profiles of users who’d disagree with that statement. They specifically discourage self-printed cards of any kind, even if they are ordered through professional vendors like Zazzle.

Now, whether or not you let that dictate what cards you mail is totally up to you. :grinning:

However, the professionally printed postcards are postcards and how will one see that they are made with own photos unless the photos are rubbish?


i don’t have two of the same cards in stock at the moment, except for the greeting from cards, as everyone seems to want those. and some map cards i think, the popular things. i do sometimes send out the same card though. especially tourist cards, there are not that many of my tiny town. and very specific themes, i just can’t find that many different cards here with, say, raccoons. but that’s maybe 2 or 3 of the same cards a year so i don’t mind. and if it makes the receiver happy then why not?

Yes, I do. I rather send a fine card with a repeated motive than taking a bad one just because it is the only kind that I still have not sent. And I have sent about 4000 cards so far. It would have been difficult to find 4000 cards with different but nice or interesting motives.


@Kitaloko if you print your own using your printer, I would invest in a good cardstock paper and maybe on of those stamps that say postcard that you can stamp on the back. A good cardstock would be good.

I don’t see any problems sending the same card multiple times. We send them to different person everytime and write different things everytime, don’t we? :relaxed:


I’ve sent repeats before–like on World Postcrossing Day as stated above as well as meetup cards, tourist cards, and holiday cards. They all go to different people, so it should be fine.

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