Removing self from a private message


I am curious if we could start a petition to show support for updating the messaging system so that a user can remove themselves from an old conversation.

If you are the original messenger, you can remove yourself anytime. But if you are not and the original owner has removed themselves, you can no longer leave the convo.

There seems to be little point in keeping a conversation thread that the other party has already left.

I use the archive folder to keep all the messages of exchanges that I’m waiting to receive or be reported received. I use the inbox for all the messages of mail I need to make and send. I don’t want to use the archive as a trash can.

How feasible would asking for this to be updated be?


I think it had been. I just did it a couple of days ago.

Given that Postcrossing uses the Discourse platform for the Forum, pretty sure we’re reliant on changes the Discourse writers make or don’t make to the platform.

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Ooh I didn’t know about that, I’ll look into that!

I haven’t tested it yet myself, but people have solved this problem by inviting Postpot to the conversation and then removing themselves.


@kanerva OMG YOU ARE A LITERAL GENIUS!! it totally worked. THANK YOU

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