Rejected from local meetup

I just wonder if you have ever been rejected by the local meetup holder…
First try and rejected

Why did they reject you? Did they tell you the reason?

Well, I have no idea. The holder said “this group doesn’t accept people buy or collect a series card”
the series card is made from my country’s and collect by lot of people

Sounds crazy. Maybe is good for you to be away from such weirdos.


Meetups should be open for everyone; first come, first served. There might be limitations regarding number of attendees, though. So if the max number of attendees has been reached, persons signing up later will be put on a waiting list or get a no. But it isn’t OK to reject someone for other reasons.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding, with someone else with the same (similar) username?
Sad to learn of this kind of things…

The author of this topic has contacted Postcrossing and we are following the matter up.

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