Registering something other than a postcard

Hi there! I just received an envelope with an ID code on it, and no postcard inside. All I found was a decorative New Year’s bag and some Santa cutouts. This is very nice and well appreciated, but not technically a postcard. I registered the number, however … I feel this is not in the spirit of Postcrossing. What do you think?


Hi @wildernesscat

If you didn’t get a postcard you don’t have to register that what you’ve got.

Please send a message about that to the support :arrow_right: Contact us

Info What can I send on Postcrossing?


They might have forgotten to put the card inside the envelope eh? It can happen, especially if you’re preparing multiple cards at once.


Report it to admininstation, and let them contact (deal with) the sender.

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I think they maybe have forgotten to put the postcard in the envelope .

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My opinion? That was purposeful. Report them at once.


I don’t think it was purposeful, seeing as this user usually sends postcards (when looking at their wall).
Still I would recommend to contact the admin team.

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Ask the sender if they forgot.
At least, if I would forget, I would send the card later of course.
(And always report, it just to help, doesn’t mean bad to anybody.)


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