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Hello all,
Can we do something about one postcrosser who don’t registered cards? Can we canceled or we must wait 60daus? Because I sent a postcard and he don’t registered postcard.
And when I see his profil he sent 30 postcard and he registered only 2 cards since September.

Normally it’s take 18 days and now it’s 38 days and it’s bercer registered. It’s the same thing whit a friend because we do « send a postcard » in the same time and we have to send together about him.


Maybe he is in travelmode.

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You can’t cancel a card, it’s already sent, right? So it’s somewhere around this world! But if you mean if you can delete a card from your travelling list, no, postcards stay there until they’re registered or after 1 year.

Day 60, the postcard will expire, that means you’ll have another open slot to send a postcard. It doens’t mean that such postcard can’t be registered.

If the postcrosser didn’t register the postcard yet, it’s because it didn’t arrive yet, be patient. 38 days aren’t a lot, and you can see in the forum lots of postcards that travel longer than that.

I guess he/she only received 2 postcards since September, so it isn’t possible to register more!


You just have to be patient.


If you look his profil you can see îts very strange he always wait more 70days to registered for all of the countries… and he live in USA in a big city. It’s not correct for the others.
When you can send a lot of postcard it’s not really a problem but when you start you can send only 5, and you must wait a lot… but also when you received your registered, it’s the game and respect sender


If it looks like they don’t register within normal time, you can write about this to the Postcrossing team.

Even the guidelines say:
"Register postcards on arrival.

When a postcard arrives, you should register it as soon as possible, since the sender is dependent on you to be able to receive a postcard back."

So if they only get mail (like from a PO BOX) that rarely, or have time for registering that rarely, they should rather be inactive or send less card (so they get less cards back and can register faster).

I know sometimes mail arrives in batches, like I sent three different swaps to USA within a month and she got them all at the same day. The covid still affects the mail.

But if this is the situation, they can tell it to Postcrossing team. Maybe even write about it to their profile, so other members don’t need to wonder if they just don’t care.


You are right. But unfortunately it happens relatively often that some people take long to register.
Nowadays, there are also real problems with mail distribution, so it can happen that mail really takes that long, sometimes.

True, 70+ days for all cards when living in a major city in a wealthy country is unusual, but until recently a lot of mail to the USA took very very long (50+ days became usual for many, for parts of 2020 and 2021).

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Hopefully this matter can be sorted out.