Registered postcard in USA

Hi everyone. I’ve heard that in many countries, people go to the post office asking for sending a registered postcard. The staff will just put a sticker with a tracking number on their postcard without using envelope. Do post office in USA do the same thing? Do we have to use an envelope when we send a registered postcard from USA to other countries?

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and what is the price?

Registered mail is about $15 domestic, $19 international. I’m not aware of any restrictions against registering postcards, however the label would take up a significant amount of space, leaving little room, if any, for a message, and part of it is folded over the top onto the other (image) side.

Even if you wanted to pay that much, registered mail is intended for very valuable items. You’d be looked at as if you’re crazy if you were to ask for it for a postcard. It’s cheaper to buy and send 5 cards with postage (1 to send, 4 backups to resend).

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yeah my friend want me to do so and she will pay for the fee

Well if you try I’m curious to know how it goes.


OK now my dear friend do not want this postcard anymore, because I told him he will need to pay me 144 Chinese Yuan(postcard fee + postal fee+ tips for me = 144 CNY):joy:

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Not surprised :joy: