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I have a question about registering cards. So before i send my cards. Am i supposed to register my card before i send it so that way when recipients received card and they register my card my card shows up on wall? Ive recieved 3 cards now that when i register incoming cards sometimes their cards dont show up on screen. So i have to take a pic of it and then its able to go on wall. If i have to register my own cards b4 I send out please someone telle how to do that

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Welcome to the Forum Chris.

I think you’re confusing 2 different functions on the Postcrossing site.

You only register the cards you receive. To register a card means you fill out the registration section with the ID number & write a Thank You message.

The people you send cards to register them when they receive them.

If you want the image of your card that you sent to show up on your wall, you need to scan it & upload BEFORE you send it (or technically before it’s received & registered, but you can’t predict when that will happen right?) so that it’s there on your wall.

Once the card is registered, only the receiver, not the sender, can upload or change the image.

If for some reason you don’t upload the image of your card before it’s received, you can politely ask the receiver to do it, but they may not choose to, know how to or have the equipment to do it. You could offer to send them the scanned image (by email or through the Forum).

Or if you’re lucky they will, but it’s safer if you do it yourself BEFORE you mail the card.

And yes, many people sending you cards don’t scan the image of the card before they send them, so again, if you want that image on your received wall, you have to scan it & upload it.

Uploading card images is an optional thing on Postcrossing, not mandatory.

Is this clearer now?


So i scan it then how does image get on here for reciever dont have to take a pic or or scann it for it to be posted on their wall

Are you talking about cards you receive or cards you send?

Check out these 2 links on my profile

This page shows all my cards in transit or travelling (not received yet)
And see the 2nd one on my list going to Australia that has a circle on the right hand side?

Click on that circle & the way to upload the photo of the card shows up

I send. And your two sites wont open

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When I look at your profile, the images I see missing are some of your sent cards that have been registered already.

So your only option is to write the receivers a message & ask them nicely to upload the image as I said in my 1st post.

Let’s see if this link works for you to see your travelling cards (I can’t see that section of your profile) - any cards that have a circle on the right side, click on that circle & you can upload the image for cards you send starting now.

When you get a new address, next to the address you can see these two buttons:
Here you can upload the picture of the card you’ll send.
Once it’s uploaded you can see these two buttons:
You can change or delete the image as long as the card hasn’t been registered.

Another way is from your list of travelling cards. There you can see this (this is from my list):

By clicking on the green circle you can upload the image.

Both ways only work as long as the card is not registered. When the card is registered, there won’t be these buttons anymore for the sender. As already mentioned before only the receiver can upload images of already registered cards.


The links to your travelling postcards list and to each travelling postcard is only visible to yourself. If you want to share parts of it, you’ll need to take screenshots instead. Just make sure you don’t show any information about the receiver (like username or address).


FYI - when you upload a picture of a posrcard you’re sending, the recipient can’t see the picture until they register the postcard. So, it will still be a surprise! I like to see the pictures of my sent and received postcards, so i always upload my own sent cards, and add a picture of any received cards missing it.

As mentioned by LC-Canada, I’ve asked the recipient to upload a picture of a couple I forgot.

Yes, I figured that out last night, lol but I can’t do screen shots - my phone doesn’t have internet nor talk to my computer. I did look for other’s screen shots last night, but couldn’t find any. Thanks!