Register Mail service around the world

I usually send my postcards in registered way because I think it is safer. I really enjoy the feeling of tracking mails and knowing where they are. In China, we have such kind of receipts after sending one.

The international registered mail receipt

The domestic registered mail receipt
Sending a Register mail (International) cost an additional fee of 16 yuan(about 2 US dollars)
I really wonder how those receipts look like in other countries, and how much do they cost.

This is an example of Chinese International registered mail


Here in India cost additional ₹150 ($1.84) for the international mail registration. Registration Series starts with RD and ends with IN in last.


The registration cost is an additional 3,50€ for all international letters and 2,65€ for mail within the country here in Germany.

Here’s an example for a mail label and a receipt:


In Germany you can add-on registered mail for 3,50€ (so 4,45€ in total) and you get a tracking link and can track online. Easiest is by printing stamps yourself, looking like this (which includes postage):

If you do it in a store the sticker for registered mail is bigger:
and requires additional stamps. Might be too big to fit a postcard.

With the modern stamps (with the ugly Matrix codes) we get basic tracking for free, but it only tracks if it runs through a sorting centre (in Germany). So for international mail we can track when it arrives in out local centre and when it departs at the airport centre.


It look seems that China Post offer better tracking services. We can see exactly where it is going next. Though when sending to Germany from China, the tracking service always ends up showing that the mail has arrived at Frankfurt and provide no further information.

I have noticed that with tracked packages as well several times. Sometimes the Deutsche Post assigns new tracking numbers, but they don’t link them up. If I get a notification by mail I can continue to follow the journey. But often it’s blind, because the automated assignment to my account there doesn’t always work. It’s frustrating.
For things like postcards I wouldn’t be surprised if the delivery persons would just miss that they are supposed to scan the code, because they don’t expect it, tbh…

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That’s quite inconvenient, I really wonder why after the mail enters Germany it was sent to DHL. Doesn’t Deustche Post has its own delivery system?

I could never afford to send postcards by registered mail in Canada - it costs almost $20 Canadian vs $2.71 for an international unregistered card or letter, lol


That was shocking! It seems that sending mails in European and American countries are extremely expensive.


With that price, I can send almost 5 international registered mail under 20g to Canada .

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I have often wondered how much it costs to register mail in other countries, because to me it has sounded too expensive. Here in Finland it is an additional fee of 13,65€ , so sending a postcard registered would be 15,85€ in total. (Registered mail is always priority mail). I could send 7 postcards in priority mail for the same price!


Yes, and registered letter does not give the proof of receiving.
You need to pay extra of that, which was something over 7 Euros.
(I was asked to do this with a swap because she did too, but I was not going to pay over 22 Euros for that.)

Also, here you need to go the some post kiosk to get your registered letter, these are not delivered home, so getting such is always extra work.


That is horrible. In China, sending an international registered mail to Finland by air mail cost about 4 times than sending a a postcard by air. We can actually register the postcard directly without putting it in an envelope. And the price is fixed which is 21 CNY. I send one official card by registered mail to Finland, I didn’t knew that the recipient have to pick it up at post offices. I hope that won’t cause so much trouble for the recipient.

21 CNY is about 2.8 EUR or 2.9 USD

Deutsche Post and DHL are one company (Deutsche Post DHL Group). While DHL only operates as a courier service like FedEx, UPS etc. in other countries, they’re the biggest service delivering “everyday” parcels here. There is no Deutsche Post parcel service, and if you drop off a parcel at a normal post office, it will be sent by DHL. In my area, there is a DHL van delivering bigger parcels every day, but the postal worker delivering letters also delivers small DHL packages.


I see, thank you.

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Registered mail costs an additional $3.60 here, bringing the cost of mailing the postcard to $4.40.

The registration fee is enough to send another 4 postcards.

To send registered mail, one has to go down to the post office though.

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May I ask which country are you in?

I’m in Singapore

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If you mean $4.4 in Singapore Dollars. Then actually sending registered mail between Singapore and China shares a similar price. Sending an air mail registered mail from China to Singapore costs 21.5 CNY(about 4.15 SGD)