Recipient not registering card

Hey everyone
I’ve recently, well about a month ago, sent an official postcard to a user via tracked mail (as it was only option available)

So I’ve checked the tracking a few days ago 5o see if it has arrived and it shows that it has been delivered and received by the user, however the user was last seen a month ago and I’ve pm’ed them and I’ve got no response

Can someone please advise me on what to do as I’m afraid the postcard will not be registered anytime soon

Thank you✨

Report the situation to postcrossing admin through this link.
Don’t forget to attach the screenshot of the tracking so the admin will have all the information they need. I believe they will help you to contact and remind the user.


Some postcards get lost and some people loose interest in Postcrossing and never register their postcards.
You have to let go or you will be sad too often. Once the postcard is at the post office you have no control over it. That’s life :woman_shrugging:t2:


This apparently was sent by registered mail and delivered. It seems to have arrived but not registered.

Then there is always the horrible truth that perhaps the card arrived, but the Postcrosser is sick, in the hospital or dead. The person who emptied the mailbox was perhaps another family member and doesn’t know how to register, or even that they should, and it would be the last thing in their mind anyhow.
I hope the aforementioned type of situation is infrequent, but it is a possibility since there are accidents, war, covid, hurricanes and old age.

On a more pleasant thought, Perhaps it was delivered to a po box and the person is on vacation?
Or maybe it got brought in by a roomate, set aside, and forgotten?
I’m just stating a few options. I hope you get your answer/ registration soon, but if not, may the next one be a better experience for you.


I can relate to the frustration of waiting for a registration. It’s probably not a big deal for experienced postcrossers, but as a newbie you only have five slots, and having to wait 60 days for expiration to get a new opportunity to write a card can feel like an eternity. The same for postcards sent to people who log in regularly, but only register cards in batches every couple of weeks.
Contacting support as already suggested here might help in your case to free that slot up again.
When I draw a new address I usually check the registration pattern of that person so I know what to expect. For me, that makes it easier not to be disappointed when a card that should only take days to arrive is registered three weeks later.


Just wait.
That the card arrived doesn’t mean that the recipient is in the condition to register your card.
As it was stated before there are a lot of things that could have happened to make Postcrossing the last thing to come in their mind.

By the way, even a registered mail with status “delivered” doesn’t mean it was really delivered to the recipient. Sadly I had it a few times where an item was stated as “delivered” but it arrived much later in reality.


Yes, I once had a card that was supposed to be delivered to me, sent to another Postcrosser in another state hundreds of miles away. perhaps it got stuck to one of theirs in travel. They were kind enough to put it in an envelope, with an explanation, and forward it to me.

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