Receiving very few Postcards

Hello everyone,
I’m new here and I would need your help to understand something:
I have 10 postcards SENT and still 4 TRAVELLING, while only 4 RECEIVED :thinking:

There is no problem with my mail box or address…

So I’ve been waiting patiently thinking it just takes very long…
But I don’t understand because it doesn’t make sense too me. Unless I have such bad luck and the postcards travelling to me are all from countries that take forever, but it’s unlikely…

Any help would be very appreciated because I’m starting to have a too big difference between Sent/Received which I read here is not good…

Thank you so much for your comments, feedback!!!


welcome to postcrossing!
i know it’s kinda frustrating when you are just starting postcrossing, but the key truly is just patience.
i had a quick look at your profile and it seems like most of the cards you have received took quite a few weeks, so i wouldn’t worry just yet. 3 out of 4 took over a month to reach you. i have no idea about the mail service where you live, but so far that seems to be the average?
your address only gets given out once a card you’ve sent out has been registered. which happened all around a month ago (the last 4 out of 6 times at least, the ones you’re waiting for). so i think you would receive a few cards in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

i know it’s easy to say, but please don’t worry yet. i’m absolutely sure you will receive your cards.
in the meantime, if you’d like a more steady flow of incoming cards, you’re welcome to join some forumgames and receive some more cards through here.


Hello and welcome here!

It’s grat that you have been patient. And you need to be patient just a bit longer. Eventually all the numbers will get even. I, for example, have received sometimes several cards at the same day, all sent different days. And sometimes there can be more received cards that sent cards.

Just keep being patient and enjoy the ones you allready have.

Here is more conversation about the issue you have:
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Sometimes cards travel more than 1 month or even more than 2 months. It’s depending where the cards come from. Maybe some cards from Russia and China are travelling to you and these can take even 3 months. So, just be patient :wink:


I don’t think you need to worry about the difference yet.
The team will see your sent card are registered, which is good, and you have registered cards sent to you as well, also good.

The team would see there are cards travelling to you, and that maybe those are from slow mail countries.


I notice you’re in Réunion, a small island in the Indian Ocean, so I have a rough guess: is it possible that the postal flights to your location will wait a long time until the mail and cargo are full? For remote locations, this would keep costs down. I always get a concentration of postcards for a fortnight on a particular day, and that’s because the post holds them until a certain number have been delivered to me, rather than sending every one that comes in.


Meanwhile, while you wait for officials, there are many opportunities to interact here on the Forum with Tags, Round Robins, Lotteries and swaps. For example, I would be thrilled to do a swap with you, if you are interested!


Thank you so much for all your responses!
I’ve been reading some posts in the forum and as I heard about the “ban” threat, I got a bit concerned that it could happen to me too.
I also noticed that many Postcrossers have exactly the same number of Sent and Received Postcards, I wonder how they do that :thinking:
Anyways, thanks so much for the feedback, I’m feeling more relaxed now!
I added “France” to my address, since Reunion is a french overseas island, it might help the postcards to arrive faster…


The average is 2 weeks to Europe…
Several weeks to much much longer for the rest of the world…just finding out through this expierence!!!

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Thank you for your feedback and the links!!
I was thinking weither I should wait to balance the Sent & Received cards before I send more postcards?

Yes I’ve been thinking the same!!
Thank you @noname13

I sent my first postcard to Reunion earlier this year to one of your fellow Reunion Postcrossers, and this card took about 9 days. I was suprised that it was so fast, I expected a longer travel time. And yes, there was France in the adress, so maybe this really helps.


Thank you @S_Tuulia
I hope the team won’t think that I have a problem with my mail, because I don’t have.
The Postmail is working very well here, just a bit long because we are an island…

Yes that makes sense…
Though, since we are a french overseas island, mail is coming from France every day…
I think it is just better to add France to the address so that the Postcards transit via France even if the distance is longer, it will come faster through France…

Hello ! Yes indeed!! Today a German Postcrosser registered my card sent exactly 9 days ago !!


Thank you @TwasBrillig
I will send you a message directly :wink:

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I would not wait, if you have slots open to send more cards. Like others have said, it can take months that all cards come to you. Numbers will balance eventually just to be out of the balance again. :smiley:



I get it. I’m new and have sent 7 cards but only received one. It’s hard to be patient! But I’ve signed up for some exchanges on the forum and have gotten a couple from that. It makes the waiting for official cards easier.


I think that if you had not included your country in your address, this could definitely be a reason for slow or lost cards. It should get better now! :slightly_smiling_face:

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