Receiving postcards

Hi everyone,
Im new on postcrossing. I sent nine postcard but I havent received yet. What do you think when I will get? Approximately how many days it will? I look forward to get :slight_smile:


Hi ozlem,
welcome to the Forum.

I think it takes a while these days… due to the pandemic, mail services are slower than usually, also it is now pre-Christmas time, so more has to be delivered. Still it seems a bit strange that 9 cards of you all have been registered and still you got none…

Maybe you want to re-check that your address in your profile is correct and that the mail service at your place working ok?

Thank you so much reply. I hope that I will get it. Im waiting :frowning:

Hello Özlem,
Our problem is same. :confused: I don’t have a card either. maybe our postal service is slow. this is not encouraging at all, so I can’t get as keen as before.
I hope it will be good.
Best wishes…

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Your address was only given out when the first card of yours was received. A month isn’t that long to wait in a pandemic. Maybe your cards are coming from far away tropical islands with infrequent postal collections.


The two postcards that I’ve sent to Turkey so far took 44 and 89 days to arrive. So my experience with sending to Turkey is that it might take some time. I hope your postcards will arrive soon, but I’m quite sure they will be worth the wait :slight_smile:


I send 3 cards to Turkey during this pandemic, 2 of them took 2 weeks and the 3rd took 5 weeks. It is very likely that your first card comes from Germany, for the German Postcrossers send the most cards. I think your first card should arrive very soon, if your addressis correct.

We can do private swap if you like to recieve from China @-ozlem-

I am fairly new to Postcrossing, too. I was also starting to get discouraged, but then things turned around and I have received a bunch of postcards by now. Hang in there. They can take a while to be received in Russia and China, for example. I’d recommend going all in and sending out another once one is registered by a recipient of one of your cards. Do this whether you have received one yet, or not. I reached the point where I can have six travelling now. Good luck!

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I have sent private swaps to Turkey from the US (2 different addressees). Both took over 2 months to arrive. It is hard being patient but you will start receiving soon. Welcome to Postcrossing.

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Hello! Welcome to all the new members. I moved this topic to “General Topics” as it was not Stamp and Postal Info :slight_smile:

There are a lot of other similar topics too :wink:
In short - you will be sent a card when yours is registered. For Ozlem, I can see she had quite a few registered already so she should have some cards on the way, so I guess the postal services are just really slow. Also, have you checked your address is correct?

Please also look at the site’s FAQs on this and other questions :slight_smile:

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thank you so much for replies. Im waiting. I hope I will get soon!

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When one is new I think everyone can’t wait for their first cards to arrive!

I remember how eagerly I had been waiting for my first cards all those years ago.

@elanlei: good luck for cards from far away tropical islands to everyone! :wink: I can’t send (from Austria) to my pen friends in Bermuda and Trinidad since March! :no_mouth:


It will take a while my guess is because of our postal service.(I’m living in Turkey too)I sent a lot postcards(some of them received but I’m waiting at least 2 months for a postcard to arrive to me)

Same problem here

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I highly recommend a PO Box. I did manage to receive a few cards at home (also in İstanbul), but it has been taking only between 2 and 3 weeks from places like Germany with the PO Box.

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