Receiving Multiple Cards under one ID Number

Just curious what others do when…

—I received 4 cards from an enthusiastic Postcrosser, in an envelope, all under a single ID number. I scanned all 4 for my file folder, and kept all 4, but I chose my favorite to post on my Wall and to associate with that ID number.


…I got a card that took quite a while to reach me. When it finally did, it had been torn in two, but a nice postal worker saved it and sent me both halves in an envelope. After I registered it, a very nice Postcrosser mailed me a couple more cards, which I thought was very sweet.

I am debating changing out the photo of the card to the second one sent. Note - no way am I complaining about getting multiple cards. More cards = more “happy”, and in both cases, the sender was very kind and generous. (I also offered to send a couple cards back to the second person.)

Ever happen to you? Any interesting stories? Would you “update” the image?


Yes! In both ways (multiple cards in envelope and multiple cards each sent on their own).

Yes, I update it to a collage of all cards :slight_smile: I did it here for example (stating below that the picture shows 3 cards, not one collage card) DE-11239412


I also received several cards in an envelope, twice.
I’ve chosen to scan the card I liked most.

But I didn’t have several cards mailed one after the other.
So don’t know if I would update.
Probably it depends on which card I like most. And if the sender scanned a card I would let that be in the wall (or ask him*her if it’s okay with them changing it).


At least twice I’ve received 2-3 postcards with the same ID. One of the times I got two written and stamped cards. The other time I received 3 cards in an envelope. In both cases I uploaded a photo showing all the cards I received.


I received four cards with the same ID today - all written by different people. Three were copies of the same image, with the fourth one being different, but similar. They seem to have been sent from a school, but the account doesn’t mention anything of the sort. Quite intriguing - and I do wonder if there are even more on the way, as they weren’t sent in an envelope. :sweat_smile:

I uploaded a picture with both images, which is what I always do in such cases. It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a sender just wants to send more, they forgot they already sent one, or the first card took so long they sent a second card, but then both arrived.


I’ve never received more than one card with the same ID, but if I was to send a couple of cards in an envelope I think I’d upload an image of them all together! Or perhaps if one was written and the others blank, I’d upload only the written one.

I love how generous Postcrossers are! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I send two cards in an envelope from time to time, but I write the ID only on one of them, and explain on the second that it is a gift.
Once there was a strange story when my recipient wrote me a few months after receiving my envelope that I sent her a second postcard with the same ID and asked me to give her my address in order to return the “extra” card. Although both postcards were in the same envelope, and with explanations. Maybe she just forgot about the second one and then found it again… I don’t know :slight_smile:
In any case, I told her that it was a gift and that she didn’t have to return it.

I have received cards with the same ID at least twice. Once they came only a couple of days apart, so I recognized the person right away and knew to compare the ID. And I have received cards in the same envelope. (Most of the times all written). I have uploaded pictures of all the cards together. If the cards had arrived separately and the first card had already been favourited, then I wouldn’t replace the image. Otherwise I think it is nice to show both cards I have received.


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I often send envelopes with multiple cards and different paper objects. I always upload my own photo before mailing and I carefully select which card I want to appear as the photo on my own “sent” wall. Of course I know it’s the right of the receiver to change the photo upon receipt, but I always pray they don’t do this. Luckily, so far, they never have. It would be a big disappointment to me and would make me wish I’d only sent a single card to that person and not given them a variety of options to change the picture to. I take joy in my sent/received walls looking a certain way. Just my two cents.
I’ll add that occasionally I send one very meaningful card in an envelope and one or two extra cards that aren’t so beautiful and I know I’ll never send (and would not want to appear on my “sent” wall). But why not throw them in as extras and maybe someone else will enjoy them? In those cases especially, I’d be crestfallen to have the image of my carefully selected, meaningful card swapped out with the random bonus card. I also think of the receiver who may much prefer the bonus card to the one I find special, and they want to see that card on their “received” wall. I can totally understand that and wouldn’t hold it against them. It’s their right once they have the card to change the pic. But I would still be very disappointed.

Once I sent two cards for one ID, but really disliked one of the cards a lot (it was a handmade I was not satisfied with at all). As I sent the cards in envelope, I added an extra note explaining why I sent two cards and that I really would prefer to not see that handmade card on the wall. It worked out well :slight_smile:

I sometimes receive more cards in an envelope. It is a nice surprise. I haven’t received more individual cards with the same ID. Sometimes when a postcrosser talks about their child(ren) in the profile and they sound about the right age, I add an extra card in an envelope for the child. I have some interactive ones like connect-the-dots, maze, etc.


There is at least one postcrossing member who routinely sends more than one card (he’s been discussed but I can’t find a thread about it right now) and I find it a bit odd tbh, and a bit of a waste of money. But to each their own.

Excellent advice (which I plan to take - thanks). I forgot about a card getting favorites and then losing them if I upload again with both cards.

This one came in an envelope from an account by a school, and it came with a more general touristic card but I decided the image to upload is the handmade one by students because the view card was pretty, but this one is unique.


Indeed I received two more cards with that ID today, making it six cards with the same ID. Now I have four of one design, but the other one was new. It’s actually my favourite (so far … :sweat_smile:).


I got a card today which had the same ID as another I registered a few weeks ago. They must have sent the second card as the first had expired! Unfortunately for them, their original card arrived a day after they sent their second card ;_;

^ The original card they sent, and I registered!

Last week I’ve sent 2 cards for the same ID for the first time in all the years.
Thought both fit the profile (and I had both already for years and it would be difficult to find someone who really appreciates them so I was happy to get that profile) and could absolutely not decide which of them would be “better” so I decided to sent both on their own.
Had never such a “could not decide” moment before, always, although sometimes difficult, could choose one.
Scanned only one of them (1 portrait and 1 landscape format, and I would have been able to make a good picture out of both).

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I have had this a few times. Some were resends, so I didn’t receive them at the same time. One have been an accident as it had not been traveling that long, so I guess the sender forgot they had send it. And an envelop with multiple cards a few times.

I am aware that some members do this to surprise the receiver as a kind gesture. Personally I prefer just one postcard stamped and written. As the extra cards are often not very usable for me and as they are not written, I not really want them in my collection…