Receiving empty official card

Hello there!
I’m sure I’ve read a topic before with someone having exactly the same issue, but I can’t find it anywhere, so thank you in advance for forwarding it if needed.

I have received an official PC card the other day, which was a random low-quality AD, but most importantly, the front part was completely blank apart from my address and the postcard ID.
I haven’t registered it yet and directly contacted the Postcrossing crew, but it’s been more than a week and I haven’t had an answer yet, so I’m wondering if I was missing something? Should I just register it and call it a day?

I wasn’t keen on simply moving on, as I spend a lot of time (+ stamp money…) on my own cards, and I was really disappointed to receive that in return…

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Postcrossing is not a exchange or swap, sometimes people send what they find at easiest, or they might have ran out of cards.
I can’t say anything about no message on back cause i also get sad when there is blank card:(
But you should register it, moderators will look into this.


I’d be disappointed too. I’ve received a couple that only said “happy postcrossing”. I find those disappointing too. Not much connecting going on there


Out of curiosity, what kind of cards is the user receiving/asking for? I would understand if it’s a matter of money or time etc., but if they’re sending low effort cards to expect something specific then I don’t think that’s very nice! Regardless I think you should register it, they did send a card after all


I’m not sure if I agree with that statement. To me, exchanging is the whole point of Postcrossing, it’s on the first sentence of “Postcrossing: the basics”, which is :

"The goal of the Postcrossing project is to enable anyone to exchange postcards with random people around the world. "

Yes, it is definitely “the easiest” to send a blank card… but I don’t really see the point, and why I would have to be the unlucky one on the other side :confused:
Thank you for your input :smiley:


Maybe it was just an accident.
The user prepared several cards with address, stamps and ID and then wanted to write the messages to you and the other users and for some reason this was forgotten and the cards ended up in the letterbox.
I recommend that you register the card and then kindly point out to the user that the text on the card is missing.
If it was indeed a mistake, they will probably answer you.
If not? Okay, then maybe it was intentional. It’s not nice, but you have to accept that and forget about it immediately.


Okay, I will do so. Thank you for your answer!


I’ve received entirely blank cards sent in envelopes. Some people are just strange too!


Could it be that this user had printed out a message and glued it to the card and it fell off during its travel? I have sometimes received cards with a printed and glued (or taped) message. Some people are not able to write by hand, and therefore print their messages. And not all types of glue can handle rain/temperatur changes etc. Just a thought :smiling_face:

If it was intentional, that reflects more on the other person and has nothing to do with you. Register the card and move on. Hopefully most of the cards you get are more on the other end of the scale, with kind and connecting messages :smiling_face:


I totally understand where you’re coming from, but this is written on the Community Guidelines when sending a postcard :
“Please also include a message to the receiver: for example, share something about yourself or the place where you live (in English or in another language they understand).”
So, in a way, this is simply against the rules of Postcrossing. Which is why it questionned me! :slight_smile:
But I like your optimism :smiley:

No, I can tell it isn’t the case, because the person put a big air mail stamp right on the middle of it. I don’t think they ever had the attention to write anything on it.


Anyway, this topic can be closed now because I have received my answer and I have registered it either way :slight_smile:
Thanks again, and I hope this is the last time this happens…


Okay, I have moved your Topic to the help section and close it now.

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Maybe this is the topic you were looking for “Happy Postcrossing” Text Cards