Received two cards with same ID?

Pretty much what the title says. Received two cards sent separately, both seem to have the same post crossing ID. Am I going crazy? Am I reading one of the IDs wrong somehow?

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On the card in front, the second to last number could be a 4, not 6.


tried it with a 4, no postcard with that ID


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The handwriting looks very different, so I’d say someone probably made a mistake with one.

I’d send a message to Admin & they can help you out. See the link in the next post below.


No, you’re not going crazy. The ID’s looks the same to me as well.

On the register postcard page there’s a link to the unknown ID form. It’s better using that form than the contact us form that @LC-Canada linked to in this case.

This is what the unknown ID form looks like. Fill in the information you have, included the wrong ID.


handwriting is a lot diffiderent.

Is it possible to see if they are mailed from the same place?
I was thinking maybe it’s an account of a couple, sisters, mother and child etc. and they both sent a card.

But I’m sure the ID search will help :slight_smile: