Received postcard meant for someone else!

Hey everyone,

I seem to have received a very nice postcard that was meant for someone else. It’s from Yuwen and addressed to Claire. The front of the postcard has images of San Diego, CA.

If you are the one who sent this postcard, could you please reach out to me? I’d love to forward it to who it’s meant for :slight_smile:


if it’s through postcrossing you can write to support


Is it your address or that from someone else? If it is some elses, I would just put in the mailbox again.


If the postcard has someone else’s address on it, just drop it back in the outgoing mail and it will get to the intended receiver.
If it has a postcrossing ID number, reach out to Postcrossing Support and they can find out who sent it and where it was supposed to go.
Perhaps the sender was writing multiple postcards and after writing the message on the card, mistakenly wrote the wrong address on each