Received a card from India which I cannot register

Hello dear postcrossing friends in India,
I received a postcard from India, depicting a Kathakali dancer. The post stamp is from 22.June 2022. I cannot register the card, because the ID-number is wrong. I asked postcrossing forum, but up to now they did not find the sender and could not help.
So, please, if you are the sender, please tell me the right ID-number, so that I can registrate. Thank you!

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did you ask the support?

Go here to seek help.

I had done so before I asked here. Seems as if postcrossing could not help either. So I thought may be the sender reads here.

Try changing your subject line to specifically target the potential sender. Something like —

Who sent card from India, 22 June 2022? I want to register, but ID is wrong.