Receive package with USPS

Hello everyone I will return to the USA for study on September 24.
However the landlord of my new apartment said the apartment is experiencing high risk of losing packages. I just wonder is it possible to send my packages to the post office and I go to the post office with photo ID to pick it up??

I know you can request a vacation hold on mail through the USPS website. I don’t think this will be sustainable long-term but you can just request the hold today through September 24th, and choose the option to pick up all the mail you’ve received from the post office instead of delivering it in a bundle to your apartment.


this is before the pandemic, but i had to leave asap to a funeral and thought i would be a few days but turn into 6 weeks. talk to the post office and said they can hold the mail up to 30 days for free and had a choice to come collect the mail at the post office or start service again to my box. it was possible online at their website. maybe to can check if this is still possible,

You can also get a PO Box with USPS

I believe that when you send a package via the U.S. postal service, you can pay an additional fee to request a signature confirmation upon the package’s delivery. If no one is at the delivery location who can sign for the package, a notice of attempted delivery will be left at the location and the parcel will then be brought back to the post office and be held for pick-up.