Reading sender's profile before registering card

Is it possible to read a sender’s profile before I actually register receipt of the postcard? If I am able to do this, it will help my response to be more appropriate.

It won’t be possible unless the sender has included their username on the postcard - if they have, you can search for their profile

There’s no feature that lets you see the profile when entering the ID (as in before you register the postcard).

You can see a discussion about it here:

Hello @Quiggers ! I had a similar thought as well!

Unfortunately, we cannot view the sender’s profile unless they have included their Postcrossing handle on the card. If they did, this gives us the opportunity to personalize our thank-you message when we register the postcard. We cannot search for the sender using the code until the postcard has been registered either. That’s the element of surprise that makes Postcrossing so special!

But hey, you always have the option to message them directly after the registration. :blush:

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Thank you - that is useful advice - hadn’t occurred to me!

Thanks. I have followed up the registration with a more personalised message sometimes, usually if my registration message is acknowledged, and this has led to further exchanges which I enjoy. I agree that surprises are great. and a reason for loving Postcrossing.


Thank you for telling me about this discussion. I now understand better the reasoning behind the system. For those postcards I send, I shall in future include my user name. May help the recipients. Like others, I sometimes have difficulty in deciding the sender’s name from the signature, and I do prefer to use their name in my registration message.

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I agree - often the card is written very clearly, but signed in a way that is difficult to read. I think names are important to each of us, and I don’t like to get them wrong. Sometimes, my registration message starts off with an apology for this reason!

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