Quick mention in Washington Post: Postcards from Timbuktu


I hadn’t heard about this site before, but I’ve placed an order!


Thanks for this - I never knew about them either & I’ve also placed an order.

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I can suggest this site for Botswana. Contact the owner first before paying.

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www.postcardsfromtimbuktu.com was featured several times in the Postcrossing Blog, first in 2018. You can subscribe to the Postcrossing blog posts (in your Postcrossing profile settings) to get notified. :smiley:

I can confirm they are reliable as I’ve used them myself, though currently it may take more time for the cards to arrive.


I’ve ordered two cards and both arrived fairly quickly (pre-COVID days though) - I was impressed!

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Thanks for sharing - I ordered a postcard from them on the back of seeing your comment.

Also ordered one from Timbuktu :slight_smile:

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For those interested to get a postcard from Tanzania.

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