Questions about UNESCO cards from new Postcrosser

Hello! I have been on Postcrossing for about 2 months now and love it. I am still learning about all of the different types of postcards that you can collect and send. I am curious but a little confused about what exactly UNESCO cards are. Are they a specific series of postcards by one publisher? Or are they any type of card that has a UNESCO World site on them? I would love to start collecting them either way. I just don’t know where to start. Where is the best place to purchase or start trading them?

If there is another topic on this forum that addresses this subject, feel free to let me know :slight_smile: Thank you so much in advance! -Becky from the USA


I’ve always assumed it was any postcard with a UNESCO World site on them, but I could be wrong. I don’t usually follow the specialized collectors forums to really know. I would guess the best place to get them would be at that location or museums.


I believe the general idea is this should be a viewcard showing a UNESCO site. Some are available with the UNESCO logo but not very many. I buy some whenever I visit a site and there are postcards available.

Since I happen to live in a city that has a UNESCO site, I could send you a card from Kraków to start your collection - let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:


That’s correct! :slight_smile: Some collectors only want photo postcards though and don’t collect illustrated world heritage sites. Mostly you can buy them when you visit the site or a close-by city.

When you want to start collecting them, you may want to have a look over here: and “compete” with us. It’s just for fun, though - so no pressure :slight_smile:

There are many Unesco tags and RR groups if you have some Unesco cards in your stash. Else you may open a request topic for Unesco cards and offer some other cards for trade in return.


Thank you for all the great info!!! :slight_smile:

You can exchange UNESCO cards in here:


Welcome to the fun obsession of collecting UNESCO cards!

One bit of information that I’ll add to what others have said - some collectors only collect cards sent from country of origin, or at least strongly prefer that. Don’t make the mistake I did, and buy dozens of cards while on holiday in China!

Not everyone is bothered by this, though, especially if you have cards from rarer countries.

There are plenty of Chinese postcrossers to send cards, not so many from Nepal, so the cards I got there found homes very quickly.

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When I am taking a vacation abroad and there is a UNESCO side I still buy the card (like I genrally by too many cards when traveling :joy: )

As much as I like to received postcards from the country of origin I particpate in Another Country RR’s. If someone there likes UNESCO cards I can send one :slight_smile:

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I also had that doubt when I started postcrossing and I saw that in so many profiles - makes you wonder if there is a special series :sweat_smile: (I don’t collect them)

I buy cards of UNESCO sites in Canada with the UNESCO logo on them from this vendor on Zazzle (I’ve given you the link to their US UNESCO cards).

So far, most people who’ve wanted UNESCO cards from me would rather have one with the logo, but some just want a card without the logo too. I’ve had lots of compliments on these cards with the logo.

Thank you for sharing this site to buy postcards. I’ve already bought a lot.

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I live quite near a UNESCO site and would like to get postcards when I am next there in case I come across a profile of someone who collects them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with the UNESCO logo, and there are lots of different views. Is there something that I should look for, to make sure that they are qualify for collectors?

No, some collectors don’t want illustrated cards of the sites and that’s all :blush: Every view card showing (part of) the site will qualify. If not printed on, just mention the site in your message.

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I’m also a newbie, and have a UNESCO question. If I drew the address for someone who was missing a card from the Palace of Westminster, do you think would they like one of these posted with the matching stamp(s)?

Or would they prefer a more classic view card like this?

I’m not a collector myself, but have a link with the Palace of Westminster because I used to work there years ago, and would love to share some of my anecdotes on the back of a postcard. :slight_smile:


I would be very happy with any of those cards :heart_eyes: I specially like the ones that show the inside (the chambers and the Royal gallery).
And even prefer those rather than the classical view as you called it! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I would say yes! Those are nice cards.

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They are all gorgeous! Go for it! A lot of people would be happy to receive one of those!

I am new to postcrossing and still not sure about it all but hey with lockdown I have plenty of time to learn…my question is regarding UNESCO postcards are they specifically produced by UNESCO? If not I have recently cleared out a cupboard and found a postcard of the temple Hagar Qim, it was purchased on honeymoon 20yrs ago…if anyone missing it from their collection I am happy to post out, unfortunately I am in Ireland so it won’t be from Country of origin. If this post is on the wrong page feel free to let me know.

Unesco World Heritage Site postcards are issued by various publishers in the respective countries. Don’t think Unesco does issue postcards at all (but maybe they do).

I think there are some threads about postcard swaps here in the forum, maybe you’ll find someone who would be excited by your WHS-postcard there.

Of course, it’s not against the rules to send not-originally-from-your-country-cards, and I am sure some users would appreciate your card as offical one. Others, maybe, can have an issue with the not-your-country-stuff … it’s hard to guess, (even more for medium postcrossing countries).

If I imagine being a collector of WHS-cards, I think I’d prefer to complete my collection rather to have some hyper-pure-origin-standards.

Thanks for the info stevyy…