Questions about the forum

I’m new here. I do not understand how to participate in tags. When I look under categories, I do not see the games/lotteries section. It is not appearing. Thanks… VJ

@Summersweet Welcome to the Forum :laughing:
You’re a very new member and you don’t have access to all categories.

Please read a little bit in other themes and soon you will see all sections.

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So… this just happened while talking to a friend @mchay. Can this be reopened or the only solution is to start a new private conversation? Can anyone help please? :grimacing:


That happened to me when talking to a friend, too.
We just opened a new PM topic and continued our talk there. In the first post we added an URL to the previous PM topic, so that it would be as easy as possible to go back there.


Is there a limit on the number of people in the same private message ?

For example for my bingo I use a “thread” where I write winner’s addresses.
Unfortunately I can’t add a 36th member… :wink:

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Yes, the limit is 35, so you have to write a 2nd message.

And what is the reason for the decrease in the level of trust? There was a trust level of 3, and now it has been reduced to a trust level of 1. Thank you very much.

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There is a criteria one has to meet to achieve and maintain trust level 3 (regular). If one dips below the requirements in the last 100 days, one will be demoted back to member (trust level 2). You can read about the criteria here.
(The link tells about the general criteria for Discourse, but I think the requirements are a bit lower for Postcrossing Forum). Anyway, being demoted means only that one has been less active in the forum lately. In that sense one could call these “activity levels” instead of trust levels.


Thank you very much!
Now I understand everything. :blush:Great! :+1:

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When I try to add images, I always run into trouble if I use image gallery or grid gallery (usually that images don’t show at all or not how I wanted), so I use upload. With that I run into another problem. Even if I downsize the image, there is no option to click to enlarge it in the post, like I can in other people’s posts. Why is that?

It takes a few minutes until the enlarge-option is working.

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Is it still a problem five minutes later?

Galleries also always need a few minutes to sort themselves when you add new images.

I’m guessing there is a minimum image resolution for the enlarge option to show up on hover.

On some it is, on others not.

It shouldn’t be a problem with resolution, though, since I take the images straight from the Norwegian post website.

Greetings I’m new here to Postcrossing and wanted to do a lottery. Are you allowed to post the links to the giveaway like your instagram/youtube/twitter etc…?

Thank you for the info!

If I made a post for trade and I’m done with that trade, can I delete the post? Should I just change the title and say that it’s closed?

Pretty sure we can’t delete posts. Most folks just edit the title to say closed, and then they close eventually with inactivity.

So far the method you suggested is the way it’s done so far.

As I came across your post, I added an option to your swap topic: It will automatically close :lock: so that no more posts will be possible in a few hours.

That’s true. Only moderators can do so if necessary. (Usually that’s only necessary for posts that are violating the rules.)

Another option is to add the descriptive tag “closed” to your topic.
Click on the title of your topic, then click the pencil besides the title. You’ll see an option to add tags:

Hi everybody!

I remember that in the old forum, we had a thread where everybody could post their least liked sent or received official postcards. I can’t find it anymore. Does anyone know whether it was moved to the new forum and where I can find it?

Edit: I found it in the old forum. It doesn’t seem to have made it to the new forum. Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - Beautiful cards with no favourites

Not everybody is on instagram or twitter, so links to those platforms might not be helpful.

But you can upload pictures straight to the forum.