Questions about the format of addresses

Ha ha, yes I bet they do :laughing: thank you so much for all that you do, it’s greatly appreciated x


Taiwan addresses:

I have run across 5 digit codes on active profiles recently, even though it has been 6 digits since 2020. The cards seem to be delivered, but does this slow down the process much?

If you want to be absolutely sure as to postal codes in Taiwan, Chunghwa Post (the Taiwanese postal operator) has a good lookup system for the postal code of each Taiwanese address: Chunghwa Post - Zip Code Quick Search.

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Many thanks!

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If you find the code is not correct or could be wrong, are you going to change it and write it differently to the postcard? (Edit. I just recently sent to Taiwan with 5 digit code and to me Taiwan is one that often feels expiring, I didn’t know anything how many digits there should be.)

I’m thinking should in such case one contact the team also, to correct the address, because not everyone thinks/knows how many digits there should be.

And also, some Finnish member left out the FI from our postal code, but later it had appeared there by itself, if I understood correct :hushed: because that’s the correct way at the moment. So, I sort of “trust” it’s the correct way.

(Personally I’m always a little uncertain if I can make any changes, I don’t even normally shorten the United States of America to USA :grin: so I find it strange I sometimes get cards where my street name is changed (in Finland the ending can be katu, tie, raitti, kuja, kierros, rinne, polku etc. and few times I’m surprised to see someone just added “katu” to my address → if my address were “Ahmalanrinne”, it was turned to “Ahmalanrinnekatu” .)

Hey there. Would I write Chinese addresses horizontal or vertical? I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time.

I write Chinese addresses horizontal, as they appear on screen, and they arrive :blush:

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ul. - street, d. - building, kv. - flat, g. - town, city