Questions about French stamps

I want to ask if the Marianne stamps works like the US Forever stamps? Meaning the rate of the stamps changes whenever there is a change of price made by La Poste.

I bought some stamps last year and I send these stamps to the people I sent to so they don’t have to pay for their reply. When La Poste increased their rate this year, I noticed some of the replies have added stamps and I find it odd since they don’t know if I’m into stamps.

well, you have to closely check, what is written on the stamps

There are Marianne stamps which an explicit value or the thing you are looking for would be
“lettre 20g” or something similar those stamps keep there value to be good for a letter of 20 gram.

Maybe you can show us your stamps

If the stamps don’t show a face value, they remain valid even when the rate changes :à%20validité,correspond%20au%20changement%20de%20tarif.
There are various values for Marianne stamps though (for example, the red one is for priority rate and the green one is for economy rate). So, depending of the kind of Marianne you sent to those people, they might have needed to add postage.

Yes, if there is no face value the stamp can be used even if the rate changes. It is true for all French stamps, Marianne or not.

We have stamps without face value : Marianne (red ones, green ones, grey ones for domestic use, purple ones with a QR code for international use) and special sheets stamps with nice faces (for domestic use but we can use them for international if we add face value stamps to have the correct rate. However it is not often done because there would be a looooot of added stamps and some are not easy to found in post office, like the 0.01€. And all these “little” face value stamps are Marianne ones, not really pretty…)

All our special editions such as year of the Ox mini sheet are with face value and we have to add other stamps when the rate increases.

This is the one I used.

They are still valid, no matter the change rate :wink: