Question: when are postcards sent

So I know how the website works but I am a bit confused about the way postcards are sent?

I am sorta impatient so I am curious,

When I press the “send a postcard” button it gives me someone’s address, I am curious, is it (1) they send the postcard around the same time, or (2) my postcard gets there, then they send one to me

In simple terms, are postcards sent simultaneously (:mailbox::arrows_counterclockwise::mailbox:) or does one get there and then they send it (:mailbox::soon::inbox_tray::white_check_mark: :mailbox_with_mail::end::inbox_tray:) or does it depend on the circumstances?

I am curious because I have a postcard or two that should arrive within a few days and I’m just a bit confused if I should be worried why it isn’t here or if that’s the way it works.


Don’t panic!
You’ll be fine.
When you send a card, chances are that somewhere in the world someone is busy sending a card to you.
But it’s all snail mail, so patience is a virtue!

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Hello @crazyseth

Please read first here and your questions should be answered

You never get a card from someone to whom you send before a card which has been registered.
After the first card you’ve send is registered your address goes in the pool and someone will draw it and send you a card.


Thanks! That really helps clear some things up!

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Hello Seth, and welcome to Postcrossing!

I’m no expert, having only joined in September last year myself, but I well remember the impatience I felt waiting for my first card to arrive in my postbox.

I see from your profile that your first sent card arrived at its destination in Germany on 9th May. Congratulations! As I understand it, and what I see happening for me, is that once that card was registered by the receiver, your address goes into the address pool, to be drawn by another Postcrosser somewhere in the world.

They may have drawn your address on the 9th May, or perhaps shortly thereafter. The time taken for the card they send - to reach you - is then anyone’s guess. If, for example it were coming from me in Australia…you could have a six week wait on your hands (thats what some of my cards to the US are currently taking). But I’m sure that the US receive cards from other countries far more quickly than that too.

I hope it travels really quickly for you!
Happy Postcrossing.


I think everyone’s answered your question already, but I wanted to also say welcome!


Oh I can relate to the impatience :joy: I’m new too, I have sent several, and am so excited when one gets registered but yet to receive a card in the post… absolutely can’t wait :laughing: in the meantime I’m having fun with the tags and swaps​:+1: