[Question] Unused Stamps for Postcard

What is your postcard to stamp ratio? Like how much worth of stamps do you relay to one postcard?

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Hi Jewell, I’m not clear on what you’re asking.

Are you asking what postal rates are for int’l mail? or are you asking about the price of sending a card vs the price of a card itself? Thx.


May members exchange unused stamps for unwritten postcards and I’m asking what the exchange rate is. For example, I saw one member exchanging 50 $0.01 USA stamps for 1 unwritten postcard.

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about 3-5,sometimes more

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Insufficient information - this will depend on many factors: price of stamps requested/offered, price of postcard requested/offered, exchange rate between currencies, are the stamps or postcards current or older, how desperate is the one offering/requesting to get the requested / get rid of the offered? Your example may be someone who bought a 3,000-stamp coil and is now desparate to get them exchanged for something else… A view postcard for 0.50 USD matches my memory from my last stay in the USA, so it seems to be a fair exchange.

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It’s a generic question to gauge the community. Some people may have a specific cost-to-trade, whereas others, like you, may have these qualifications that need me. I’m just looking for general information. Thanks.

It would be whatever you felt the worth of the stamps and/or the card is. It’s a personal choice. I happen to be swapping with the person who put out the request for 50 1 cent stamps for 1 card. Most of the time when I buy postcards, I get, say 5 for $1.00. So, between cost to mail and cost of the card, it comes out about even.

However, I would still trade because I like the stamps, and those particular stamps, you cannot get in a sheet now. So, win/win for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation! My approach is to make it a somewhat fair exchange based on the money needed to buy the items. Additional adjustment may be in oder depending on the countries involved, for example based on official exchange rate the average salary in Western European countries for the same job is bout twice as high as for Eastern European countries. For old and rare items a different exchange rate would make sense. As both stamps and postcards can have very different prices (example US stamps from 1 cent to 5 dollar, example German postcards from 0.50 Euro for standard view cards through 1.00 to 1.50 for art cards to 2.50 Euro for 3D cards) a generic X stamps for Y cards doesn’t make sense and could be very unfair. If you narrow down the type of stamps and postcards, that may be different: USA forever stamps (currently 0.55 dollar) for German view standard cards (around 0.50 Euro) would allow for a pretty fair exchange rate of 1:1.

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