[Question] Get postcard sent from NYC / NJ

Hello from Virginia!

I have a couple of postcards that the recipients are requesting to be sent from origin (one from New York City and one from New Jersey).

Does anyone know if I can mail the card to a post office in that location for the post office to postmark and send out? If so, does anyone have experience with specific post offices in NYC / Jersey that have done this in the past, quickly and correctly? Thanks!

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If you look at the USPS Postal Bulletin there are currently these pictorial postmarks available from New York:

And New Jersey:

Link to Postal Bulletins:


Oh, rats, the NY locations aren’t NYC :confused:

No worries! Do you know if I need to leave enough blank space on the postcard for the whole pictorial postmark or if they can just postmark it over the stamp?

If you can, it’s a good i dea to maybe start the address a line further down than usual to leave some room, as some of these postmarks are bigger than you’d expect. That being said, I don’t think it’s strictly necessary. I’ve sent and received cards with pictorial postmarks covering parts of the address and/or message.

Also, I don’t know about particular post offices, but it seems to be a toss up how quickly these things actually get done :sweat_smile:

It looks like the official FDOI is from NYC, even if it’s not technically sent from there :sweat_smile: If you happen to have the Constance Baker Motley stamps.

Got it, thanks so much!