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Please respond who are engaged in postcrossing. I am a journalist and also do postcrossing. I am currently writing a piece about the popularity of postcrossing. I would be very grateful if you would write me a few words about how things are going with this in your country. And do you think that postcrossing is a trend?Sorry for my English)


I can answer for Lebanon:

There are currently 2 active postcrossers.
I am one. The other is my wife.


Thank you so much for your reply! You’ve helped me a lot! Could you also tell us how you learned about postcrossing?

I am from Greece, I found postcrossing on my own out of my need to find penpals and connect with people. I love the community and I believe it’s one of the healthiest places of the internet (I hope I don’t jinx it, lol). It’s a wonderful experience and I am very glad I found it. I have seen some people from my country have joined as well, I have never met one in person. Have a good day!

Hello! :blush: I am a student from Czech Republic. I have to say, postcrossing is definitely more popular than I thought it would be. We have shops selling postcards that are dedicated to postcrossing, which I haven’t known before. It isn’t exactly famous on the internet though. I’ve seen a few videos and posts but that’s it. (I could be mistaken though, I am still very new to all this) I haven’t been introduced to this site by anyone from the Czech Republic, in fact, a friend from China recommended it.

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Thank you very much! I know that Greece is an exotic country for Postcrossing, so your opinion is also very important to me. Could you tell us what age group you belong to (young people, middle-aged people, older people)?

It’s great to have the opportunity to do postcrossing in the Czech Republic! Thanks for the reply. I was in the Czech Republic, your country is wonderful! I also corresponded with a girl from the Czech Republic)

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Hi, I’ve read about Postcrossing in a comment section on some memes-website. There was a funny picture with Mr Bean sending Christmas cards to himself and someone wrote that he/she doesn’t have problems with dat since joining Postcrossing. I tought it could be nice&fun and then pandemic begins so it was even better to be a member here.
Oh and I’m a teenager.

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I am in my twenties, so I will say young! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for the answer!

If you need someone from the US, I’d be happy to help!