Question about the Use of Trauer - im Gedenken stamp of German Post (using a stamp about mourning )

Hello! Recently I received a German card, which used a stamp of Trauer - im Gedenken. To my understanding, this type of stamp is similar to ‘Rouwpostzegel’ of PostNL (the Dutch postal service) which is used for a letter related to funeral and/or obituary. Am I right? Is that an ordinary choice for an ordinary postcard? Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I’m doing a part-time job as postman in my neighbourhood and for apparent reasons, there are lots of ‘rouwpost’ letters in my service, which is why the specific/narrowed use of the stamp is rather salient in my mind - just a context.

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It’s from a series of stamps for different types of occasions when people usually send mail, sad and happy ones. I wouldn’t use it on anything but condolescences but it’s a regular stamp.

This is the complete set:
Congrats, Wedding, Invitation, Good Luck
Thanks, Happy Birthday, Condolescence, Thanks

edit: but the funeral one is just beautiful, maybe it was chosen because of that? I only wouldn’t send it because I cannot know what the receiver might be thinking about a stamp with that subject.


Are you a stamp collector? Maybe the sender thought you might be interested regardless of the subject? I try not to use stamps where the subject can cause a misunderstanding unless the recipient specifically asks for them. Some people will use anything as long as it makes the correct rate (“all stamps are alike”).


I totally agree with Cassiopheia!
I wouldn’t use this stamp for anything else than condolences due to someone’s passing.
It is an odd choice for a regular postcrossing postcard for sure.


I have used this stamp for cards where people like lilies and explained its symbolism. I think for Postcrossing it is fine, since people collect stamps and wouldn’t think you were wishing them dead or anything!


For me it is an ordinary stamp. I also send christmas cards to China although most Chinese are no Christians.

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As long as Christmas is something cheerful, it would be less controversial to send Christmas cards :laughing:

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Moved to #communities:german-deutsch as this is a country/postal system specific question. Thanks.

Sorry, @Chieusa , but the topic of this thread is not limited to Germany, for it is about using a stamp about mourning and that topic can also occur on stamps from other countries.


@RalfH. I moved it back to the postal section and added info to the title. Thank you.

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So the shoes one is for weddings? :rofl: I’ve got that stamp several times and here I thought it shows shopping haul or something like that. :rofl:


Especially since it just says, “Ja!” I would think, “Shoes–YES!” :sweat_smile:


I am guilty because I sent you the stamp. :sweat_smile:
I don’t see it so narrowly. I chose the stamp because I like my women shoes. Also because I always try to vary my stamps and I like this one. This was not a hint to get married. :rofl:


I’ve got a stamp that congratulates on a new baby. I feel this could be very insensitive to send. I’ve been waiting for months now for a profile that mentions a recent birth.

No one would mention a death so I can see how a mourning stamp would be even harder to send.

I wanted write:

I like and I assume women like shoes.

Why cannot I correct the sentence with the edit function?

No worries! I quite like this stamp. :stuck_out_tongue: I only connect the stamps to myself if they apply to me otherwise I’d just enjoy the beautiful design. :wink:

Is the one featuring two bunnies? Cuz that one is so adorable. :heart_eyes:

The mourning stamp I wouldn’t mind. If someone recently lost someone, it would be somewhat appropriate, and if they haven’t they probably won’t notice. Congratulation on a new baby would be far worse to receive, if it should happen to go to someone who can’t have children or recently lost a pregnancy or child.

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I would also be thrilled with a “new baby” stamp after the recent adoption of a pet! :dog: :cat: :pig: :mouse: :hamster:


Any of these stamps I would’ve thought just as stamps, not adressed directly to me and my life situation.
I mean, the ones who buy these, do they save the stamps so long they have appropriate situation?
What if someone send 10 invites, and ends up left with all of the others?

If I buy stamps, I cannot always choose what there is, so I have send wedding ring stamps, student hat stamps and all kinds of stamps, only one I don’t send to anyone, is a stamp with a naked lady, who looks like kidnapped to a car.

I think, since (or if) we don’t share very personal news about our lives in the profile, I can’t take a stamp as an insult. And, because stamps here are 1,85€, I use what I have. (I normally have plenty to choose still, and of course I don’t intentionally want to hurt someone.)

I go to the USPS website to see the new stamps so I know exactly what I want at the counter. I skip over the ones that might be misunderstood except for my own collection and the few people who want them. I use up the ones I can’t get rid of on bills, since they only look for the cheque :smiley:!