Question about the use of Gibraltar issued stamps from London

I´m Alejandra, from Spain.

I have a question and it would be most appreciated if you could help me clarify it.
I have current stamps from Gibraltar and net February I´ll be spending a few days in London.
Can I use those Gibraltar stamps to send postcards from London?

I´ve looked into the Royal Mail website, but I couldn´t find anything related there.
Thanks a lot for checking this out.

If I´ve mistakenly posted this in the wrong section, please mods move this to the right place and I´m sorry.


Hello Alejandra @Sandristica

Sadly not, Gibraltar Stamps can only be used for postage from Gibraltar.

They are not valid for postage from the UK or any other UK territory (such as the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, etc)

There are a quite few post offices in Central London that sell the latest special themed Royal Mail Postage stamps.


Thank you @Maddymail