Question about stamps from Marocco

Hi all! I will be travelling to Marocco and as usual I buy postage stamps in advance, you never know what the selection is when you get there, so I was doing some searching and find the postal rates somewhat hard to understand. I found these on the forum:

Domestic: 3.75 MAD
    Europe: 9.0 MAD
    Africa: 13.9 MAD
    Americas: 15.0 MAD
    Asia, Australia, Oceania: 16.7 MAD

However all the stamps I see either have a value of 3.75 or 9.0, with the exception of these stamps:

But even when looking on the website the only thing they mention is that they have a permanent value, but not what the i or n stands for, maybe national and international? Hopefully someone who has experience with or knowledge about this can help! Thanks!

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I would guess
N: National
I: International (I assume this is only Europe)

They sell it for 12,75 MAD

That is the link I found too, but it doesn’t mention it is only for Europe, even though that is what I assume as it is the same price. Then I have no idea what stamps to use for countries outside of Europe :thinking:

Not that I found? They all have a value of 3.75 or 9.00 and if there is a different price it is because it is a combination of either or both with the exception of one on the very last page, which has a value of 10.00.

No I scrolled through all 10 pages, bringing me to stamps that were issued all the way back in 2010.

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Thank you so much! My French is not very good so that is probably why I overlooked it :sweat_smile: I will try to buy some of the stamps there!