Question about getting postmark from Canada

Hi Postcrossers from Canada,

Wondering if someone knows the answer to this. I apologize in advance if this is covered somewhere else or if this might seem like a silly question.

I recently was trying to swap but the person on the other end wanted a postmark from Canada on the postcards. I’ve not seen the postoffice postmark anything, do they even do that anymore and if so, how is that done?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. I apologize if I don’t click the like button on all the comments. Every time I click on the heart shape it says I’ve exhausted the number of likes I can issue.


Here’s a link for that.

Pictorial cancels | Canada Post (

Hope it helps.


Your postcard that I received today actually had a nice postmark.

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Mail from Canada is rarely postmarked properly (and is then pen-canceled)… so I think that person simply wanted to avoid a pen-cancelation.

Some of the cards I received from Canada had a postmark like that (not my photo):

Maybe you could just visit your local post office and request a hand-cancel (or show the staff this photo if they don’t know what you’re talking about :sweat_smile:)


Thank you, this is informative. :slight_smile: :heartpulse:

Good to know, thanks!

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Thanks for image!

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Go to the post office/postal outlet counter and ask them to hand cancel it for you. The clerks here are always happy to do it when I ask.


Thanks, I will give this a try! :slight_smile:

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I was able to get a hand cancel by asking, but it was obviously a strange request. He held out the stamp and said, you mean this?

It’s more work for them, so try to go when it’s not busy. Be sure to show that you only need it for one or 2 cards, not a box of 300 wedding invitations!

I was at a postal outlet in a Pharmaprix west of Montreal. It might be easier if you go to an official post office.

I wish those pictorial cancel places were closer to where I live. I’d love to be able to send those!

Pen cancels are the worst!!! They should be banned!!!


I just went to the post office and they took out a big square stamp and did what @duck2006 mentioned above in the image, but they did the square stamp on top of my pretty stamps and then told me that doesn’t mean they won’t take a black marker and still cross out the stamp. :face_holding_back_tears: :crying_cat_face:

I feel like maybe my ignorance was bliss, I felt better not knowing how it is handled.

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Pen cancels are the worst. I wonder if we should write a petition to the Post master whoever that person is.

I think the pen cancels have “evolved” quite bit (at least in Canada) as there were quite a few complaints in the forum about stamps being defaced/destroyed by black grease pen… but the last pen cancels I received from Canada looked like they were applied a bit more carefully – there was only a small pen mark on one edge of each stamp. Maybe they started caring about us Postcrossers :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the message! Sorry I’m not able to click the heart symbol on any of the messages as it says I am at the limit for today.

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Yes, pen cancellations are frustrating but here’s a video that explains why - it’s mostly about stopping the multi-billion dollar stamp fraud industry that costs our postal systems billions of dollars every year.

But I find that 3/4 of my cards don’t get marked up at all because they’re going through the super sorting stations in Montreal or Mississauga.


Thanks for sharing this video! I found it very informative :thinking: :heartpulse:

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you are entitled to have the postal worker hand cancel the stamps, I never felt bad asking them to do so as I paid the postage fees - I was even told that I can bundle or bag cards in batches and indicate you want them hand cancelled and deposit them in the mailbox and Canada Post will do as requested instead of sending them thru the sorting machine.

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Thanks for this amazing link!


Hello friends!
Out of 4 cards from Canada, 3 didn’t have a postmark at all.
In fact, one of them was actually postmarked in my local post office. I wonder what is going on in there. To actually go through the work of processing incoming card. That is just bizzare.
Here: Canada stamps. Postmark: North and West Yorkshire - UK.

From Canada the automatic process gives you this:

No comment.

And I also got a US card which was cancelled and it also got put through the UK machines again and now has 2 cancellation, one on top of the other.

Anybody else has had something like that?

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Geee I did not even know we had designer ones…ours local is jut a very large circle …knew you would love the cat one

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