Question about Chinese stamp

Hi community!

I have this chinese stamp, which I can’t find any information about. Is there someone who can tell me from which year it is or what the topic is?


Google says so:

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Thanks! My google must be broken :joy: I searched and searched and searched and didn’t find anything usefull.

I used ‘search with Google lens’ option, it’s very useful :slight_smile:

I tried the google images search on my computer but didn’t get a good result :man_shrugging:

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Beat me to it! Colnect is great for this type of search as you can select country then value and browse through the results.

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Looks like the “fortune” design on hongbao, the red envelopes given as New Year gifts! :red_gift_envelope: (I only know this thanks to @userchongc1, who is the expert!)

I stole this adorable picture off the internet for you:

This happy little guy is loaded with good fortune!

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The main Chinese word on this stamp is “福”. It means “Luck” or “Fortune” in English.

The pattern on the four corners of red sqare is “Bat 蝠”. And its pronunciation “Fu” is same with “福” in Chinese. So bat is a lucky animal in traditional Chinese culture.

The circle around the square is made up of different types writing with “福” in various periods of ancient China.

Hope you could get something in my words.


That’s interesting. Thanks for all this information!

I didn’t notice the bats before–thanks for pointing them out! I always loved that bats are a lucky animal in Chinese tradition; bats are so underappreciated in Western culture! :sob:

The one you received is a personalized stamp (not definitive).
The pattern of main stamp is fixed when edge paper is personalized.


Since this kind of stamps can be printed over and over again.
They are cheap and used as definitives in China.
But there are still some pretty series like…

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A Chinese “福(FU)” and four “蝙蝠(bats)”, in China, 蝠 and 福 pronunciation is the same, means five blessings: longevity, wealth, health, good morality and a good death.