Question about a US postage stamp


So, we found these stamps amongst my great grandmother’s stamp collection…

What is its worth?
What does the penalty mean?

Does anyone know?
Inquiring for my grandparents (and my added curiosity).

Post office they checked with had no answers for them.

Thank you!

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I don’t know a ton about worth, but these were used for official government mail–so the average citizen could not use these for regular mail-- you could be fined for it.

Which is interesting as to how we’d have it in possession if an average citizen couldn’t use it.

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Try mailing something :joy:


more information/description can be found for a similar stamp here too: 1988 22c Red, Blue and Black, Official Mail, coil for sale at Mystic Stamp Company


Thank you, I’m learning something new every day!
Now I’m nervous to try using them, but don’t want them to just waste away, haha!


They still can’t be used for postage.

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Hi @ellistrations, you can see this stamp on this site, which indicates it was issued in 1985, can only be used by government agencies, and its value was 14¢.

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Thank you!

Maybe someone who collects stamps would swap you for some postage stamps that you can use.


Definitely a thought! :relaxed:

Any philatelists out there open for more questions? I just bought some vintage unused stamps online.

  1. Can airmail stamps be used?

#2. What is this? And is it interesting to stamp collectors.

And #3 Do most stamp collectors want used/cancelled or new stamps?

Bonus - I love this one: