Question about a meet-up post


Hope this is the right place to ask

I posted about a meet-up in Northern NJ and I got some responses from people in Southern NJ

I would love to float a meet-up idea in Southern NJ / Philly area but I want to be able to leave the date open since it more of a survey thing

I hope that makes sense


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What is your question? :slight_smile:
Do you want to survey people in Southern NJ about willingness to meet/a date?
Why don’t you post in the North America subforum asking for interest, and then post a meetup? Or gather people in some other way and discuss on the side (Facebook group, private messages, I don’t know) and then agree a date with a bunch of people and then post it for more to join?

Or do you mean you want to post a meetup in the meetup section, but without a date?
Maybe you can put a tentative date? And make it clear in the post title and message that it is to gauge interest?

Can people from Southern NJ travel to the Northern meetup? (e.g. is travel currently possible in your country and is the distance feasible?). Of course there is appeal to hold meetings in multiple places so I understand, but was just wondering. In big countries and before the pandemic, people sometimes travelled some distance to meetups.

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