QEll Platinum Jubilee stamps

According to the Jubilee government website, there will be a stamp issue for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. No details provided. I am amusing myself by speculating on what Australia Post will issue for the event. I would like to see a set of six stamps (basic domestic rate) with images of her on visits to Oz from each decade of her reign from the 1950s to the 2010s. I do hope that they don’t issue a single $3.50 international stamp which will mean only one maxicard will be issued costing around four dollars.

Anyone like to guess what stamps will be produced ?

I feel like AusPost has been pulling back from stamps of the royals recently - there was a flurry after William and Kate married and had their first couple of kids, then less and less (none for Harry and Meghan’s kids, even before they ‘left’).

And then they were months late with the Queen’s Birthday stamp last year.

But it’s hard to imagine them skipping the jubilee, and your idea sounds pretty good, and also logical.

I think there will be at least 2 as I can’t imagine them not producing a domestic rate stamp. Its also her birthday coming up so they might print a few more.

I enquired at Lismore post office yesterday as to the platinum jubilee stamp issue - they have no information. If there is going to be a regular Queen’s Birthday issue this year, (normally announced in the March -April Bulletin), we will have to wait another week or two to find out.

Whadya know, the new Bulletin just came out!

Just two stamps.



Thanks for the heads up Helen, good to find out what’s going on :). Some great maxi cards being issued, the sheepdogs and penguins will be popular.

A set of five “Australian Legends” stamps and cards are coming out on 15 March, not actually mentioned in the Bulletin as far as I can see, apart from in the order form at the end of the magazine.

Our first Winter Olympics gold medallist stamp since 2010 will be out soon :slight_smile: