I was just wondering if any postcrossers have sent or received a Puzzletter.? It is a jigsaw postcard, which comes with an envelope.
Instructions write your message on the back of the puzzletter. Break up puzzletter and put the pieces into the envelope and then post (correct postage required) Then the receiver must put the puzzletter back together to read my message.


That’s really a great idea!I never get one :grin:

I’ve never sent or received one through Postcrossing, but maybe 20 years ago I saw a box of 8 of these and bought them. I used several to make birthday card puzzles to give to friends and family; the rest somehow disappeared, maybe in a move. They were fun! But I don’t see how you could fit them, disassembled, in an envelope; I think it would only fit if you sent it reassembled.

That’s fantastic :+1:t5:

I sent one as an official 28 days ago to Italy, it should be there by now, but it appears the recipient registers cards in batches only every few months :cry: I do hope it arrives safely. She said she enjoys puzzles, so i thought it was the perfect card x


It’s been probably 10 years since the last time I’ve seen one of those, they’re produced by Impact, which prints the postcards and many other printed products available for sale in most of the US National Parks. I didn’t know that those were still being produced!

The envelopes are made of cardstock so that the puzzle pieces don’t fall out in the sorting machines, and are made so that you can fit all the pieces in there after taking it apart, but it makes the envelope thick so you have to use extra postage to cover the non-machinable surcharge and the second ounce

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yes, I once received it, but from a friend, not via postcrossing.
They’re fun, aren’t they? :smiley:

Never heard of them, but they sound like fun! Maybe I’ll get one someday.

I love this idea! And you’ve got Butchart Gardens there! Even better :sunny: I will be on the lookout for these. Seems like a fun thing to send every now and again.