Pulling a country that has had post suspended

This may have already been asked, what happens if you get an address that’s for a country that has suspended services?

I just happened upon the Postal Monitor section and noticed a card I sent last week, won’t get there as Aus Post has suspended services to that country.

So if we pull an address and check the list, and it’s a no go, what do we do?


You don’t have to check the list for official postcards. The Postcrossing system won’t give addresses to you if the mail service from your country to the other country is suspended.
If you’ve sent your card last week its possible the service wasn’t suspended just then.


Hmm you could contact the team about it and ask what to do. As far as I see it, you have two options:

  1. Send it anyway. Sometimes they’ll still make it somehow, as the mail services seem to list mail routes as suspended if they have no reliable service available, but sometimes they might catch the odd connection and send everything they have on that one flight. I’d suggest putting a return address on the card in that case.
  2. Keep the card at your place until the mail route is reopened. Sometimes it’s only a short time and in this case you’d be sure that the card will make it eventually. Could take some time, though.

When you requested an address and was given that one Australia Post had indicated they were still sending to that country. If they suspended mail afterwards we will have updated the monitor and not given that country out to Australian members. The monitor is updated regularly and changes as mail routes are opened or closed.

If you posted the postcard when you got the address but Australia Post hadn’t dispatched the mail then, they will hold it until the mail route opens again.

If you haven’t posted the postcard yet, then our advice to you is to hold on to the postcard until you see on the monitor that the country has been removed from the suspended list.