Profile Help for a Newbie (Me!)

Hi, I am very new to Postcrossing and still have not received my first card. I’m trying to update my profile to make it helpful and nice for other users but could use some feedback. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

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Thanks so much!!

You have a totally nice profile, don’t worry :blush:

As for your first card: your address will be given out to someone else for the first time, when your first card was registered. Your first card was registered in Germany on June 13th - just two days ago! So depending on where the person that drew your address for the first time lives, you’ll have to wait at least another week I’ll guess.


Thanks for reading my profile! I can’t wait to get my first card!!


Hello and welcome to the most addictive hobby you will ever get into.
I am also a fellow cross stitcher and I have completed projects that took me up to 2 years of daily work.

I think you r profile looks great and with time, you’ll get to tweak it to your liking… I’ve edited my profile several times so far, each time adding or removing things.

As for the first card, it’s an amazing feeling when you get one.

Feel free to browse around and get into lotteries and swaps. There you might also find things you’ve always wanted.

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[swoons] You had me at “The Golden Girls”…:rofl:


Aw I’m a newbie too, and can relate. Waiting is hell! :joy: So worth it when that first card turns up though.
As for your profile, it looks great to me. You come across as very interesting and approachable, if I got your address I would be happy :relaxed:

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Thanks everyone!

I found it helpful (and interesting) to look at other people’s profile when I first got started. I have also made little changes along the way. Welcome to PC! :love_letter::mailbox_with_mail::postbox::incoming_envelope:

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