Problems to send from Spain to Russia?

Hi everyone!
Do you know if actually we have problems or restrictions to send from Spain to Russia?
My situation is that my last 5 postcards didn’t arrived…
Thank you so much!

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In my experience I would say that they finally arrive. My sent cards to Russia normaly their status change to ‘expired’ but they usually receive it between 60-90 days.


I have one postcard travelling to Russia. It’s been quite some time and it hasn’t arrived yet. It also makes me wonder if there could be issues in the case I purchase some stuff (postcards) from a Russian online shop? And if there are issues sending postcards to some country, can randomized addresses (the ones you get when clicking on “Send a postcard”) of said country be discarded?

Also, newbie question: I understand that the “expired” status is for those cards that, for whatever reason, never arrive or are not marked as received. How long does it take for a postcard to “expire”?

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If you cannot send to a particular country, you will not draw that address.

For example, Singapore doesn’t send to Russia, so I will not draw a Russian address in Singapore.

Cards are marked expired after 60 days, but can be registered up till 1 year (they will be deleted off the system after 365 days)

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Hello! I have made 3 official shipments and they have all arrived. You have to be quite patient because they usually take a long time. In my case between 50-80 days.

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Ohh, that’s a relief! Thanks for the info!