Problem with order in polls?

I just created a new poll within my RR for the first time. I wanted the options to appear in a certain order simply because it makes the most sense that way. However, when I posted it, apparently the forum decided to post the options in a different order automatically. It isn’t the end of the world, but it is annoying (maybe just to me, lol). So, my fellow postcrossers, is there any way to force the options to show up in the order that you listed them?

Can you give an example of a set of options that get changed by the polls once published?

Sure. My posted poll can be found here: 📨 Write Back My Postcard (WBMP) Round Robin

Here is a snapshot that you can see the order I have written it in originally:

Currently, when you click on the link, it shows as:

BUT, now that I have grabbed pictures as an example, I can tell you that the poll options that are posted in this example are showing in an even different order than when I first posted my question. Do they perhaps shuffle based on people voting? :thinking: I’m more confused now.

Hum… I’m not sure if it is related, but there’s something odd with your poll: you have chosen a Multiple Choice poll, but then have the minimum and the maximum number of choices to 1, effectively making it a single choice poll. :puzzled:

In any case, are you perhaps comparing the order of the results (ordered from the most voted at the top) with the selection available when you haven’t casted a vote yet?

Maybe that’s what I did wrong then. I was confused on which poll type to use but now I understand that I should have selected a different type. Next time I have a need for a poll, I’ll try again and see if my likely self induced problem works itself out haha. Thanks Paulo

When I click on the link I see the options in exactly the same order as you originally wrote them.

:thinking: haha well that’s interesting. Maybe it’s just showing differently after i have voted based on the votes that have already been cast and which options are receiving the most votes. I suppose that would make sense and I’m likely overthinking it.

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Now that I have voted I see this:

so it is not the order of options to choose from that changes, only the results are presented in a different order

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