Probably trolling all russian users

Somebody has to be mad to read my profile and conclude that i support the war or any such thing. Somebody has to be even crazier to look through my sent postcards and conclude somethin like that. This morning i have received the second private message since the start of the war, where the person is most likely sending such things en masse to people on this site. I can probably dig up the first message (i have then replied to it, but have received no answer, only proving that this is not an attempt to actually engage somebody, but only to troll them).

I do not wish to publish on the forum the profile that sends it. How do i actually report something like this?


Use the Contact form and send the link to this person’s profile to the website admins


Yes, you should this profile report to the support team :arrow_right: Contact us

I will now close this topic because the question asked has been answered.