"Private" favorites + Exchange history

Would love to be able to save/pin favorited cards in a library that’s only visible to me – similar to bookmarks on Twitter. The current Favorites function would continue to be public. People could use the new private Favorites for a variety of ways: to distinguish wishlists from overall favorites, to maintain a curated list, to create shopping lists, etc.

Another wishlist function is on any given profile page, any past sending-receiving history is immediately visible – similar to order history on Amazon product pages. “You purchased this item on Dec. 4” :: “You sent [card ID] to this member on Dec. 4” or “You received [card ID] from this member on Dec. 4.” Would be useful for forum swaps to avoid potential duplicates.

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Have you tried using third party galleries like Flickr, Google Photo? Please refer to this topic for more info.

You may put a link to the said gallery wherever you want (given adequate visibility/privacy settings).

While I like the idea of displaying a banner indicating a user has been the sender/recipient of a card to/from me, such addition only lower the likelihood of swapping with the same user, not receiving the same card.

And if the proposed addition is on the main website, it might not be helpful for the forum swap as it wil introduce additional steps.

Besides, swap is not an official activity. This probably won’t be added to the main website any tine soon.


How much would you like to pay for this extra service per month?

Are you saying any new features should be paid for by members? And they are both features, not services.

Are you answering my question?

Sure, I can. I’d pay the same amount that I’m paying as a supporter for current features

I don’t understand. How is this different from the list of sent/received on the profile? Or do you mean this should be like a banner on top of everything showing latest interactions? (I rarely use Amazon or similar).

My instinct (about the way I understand this and the other suggestion) is to say that it would make it too confusing and too geared to collecting/buying cards which are not primary purposes of official Postcrossing. I personally love the way it is now. Obviously not for me to answer on new developments but they need to be reasonably popular and useful to be implemented. Also as already mentioned, swapping is separate from official activity.

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Yes, that’s the way I meant. You can take swaps out of the equation, and I still think it’d be a helpful feature for official activities. I’ll often come across profiles that look familiar (maybe I favorited one of their sent cards to someone else, maybe they’re prolific users, maybe I sent them a card – any number of reasons), and it’d be nice to tie the link back to any official history (at a quick glance, without searching the sent/received histories). Again, independent of forum activities.

Maybe I’m thinking as an edge-case user. No worries.

Not going to ever happen.

Postcrossing Team