Pride-meetup in Oslo, Norway 24th June 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Oslo, Norway
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Egon restaurant, Jernbanetorget 6, 0154 Oslo
:calendar: DATE: Friday, 24.06.2022,
:alarm_clock: TIME: kl. 16:30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
This year it’s 50 years since homosexualty became legal in Norway and between 18th June and 26th June 2022 Oslo pride is going to be arranged. After 2 years with covid, this will be a big party and I am planning to travel to Oslo to join this party.

I’d hope that some of my postcrossing friends are up for a meetup that day :smiley: It’s been so long since we met last time.

For this special occasion I am going to create a meetupcard.


  • ScandinavianTraveler
  • Inger71
  • KAS
  • LeishaCamden
  • ThomasDavison


  • noodlebamboo

I booked a table for us at Egons Byporten under my name - so in case anybody of you arrives before me, just say my name :wink:


You know already… I am in😍

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A worthy occasion :smiley: Happy to be there for this. Can I have 10 meetup cards, please?

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Can ewe swap

@KAS Noted :wink:

@Inger71 - vil du også få noen meetup-kort?

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I’m very interested :smiley: just have to see if I can get a babysitter or bring my kids or… yeah I’ll try to figure something out :smiling_face: but I’m a maybe for now!

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I’ll be there! :smiley: I would like 10 meetup cards please :blush:

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I want to come, but I’m not sure if I am able yet! I would also like to go to the Pride celebrations, as I have never ever been to a Pride celebration before :sweat_smile: I’ll be on hold for now, and will check if I am able to make it :slight_smile:

Hello ~
Is anyone interested in swapping from Taiwan? I love this meetup card !!
These are my list Postcard for swap
Thank you !!


Oh wow! This was today! How did it go? Did you you send postcards?

The meetup is next month, in June.

Can we swap? My cards from meets up you can choose here - Обмен: Открытки со встреч – 37 Bilder | VK

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it :cry: But I wish you a lot of fun, and Happy Pride month :rainbow_flag:

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I haven’t attended a meet-up before, but I would be very interested in attending. Could I reserve 5 cards please? :slight_smile:


Of course, no problem :slight_smile:
Would be nice meeting you at the meetup.

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I will go to Akershus on Friday, so I will be able to join the meetup

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@LeishaCamden and @Inger71 I’m bringing tomorrow’s meetup cards for you today. You have an hour to object if you’d rather not receive them until tomorrow :joy: