Price of US International Stamps

Hi to my USA friends from your neighbour to the North. (Well, actually east from where I live.)

I am curious what it costs you to send a postcard internationally (to countries other than Canada).

I live on the border with you and it has occurred to me that, even with the exchange, it might be cheaper for me to mail from Maine than here.

Postcards as well as the regular letters cost $1.30 - would that be cheaper for you? I am curious!

Yep. $1.30 regardless of if it’s a letter or postcard, or what country it’s going to. We don’t even get a discount for Canada! Haha

Yes. It would.

Here in Canada, an international stamp cost $2.71 CAD. A US stamp is $1.30 CAD.

So, if I went over the border and mailed an international postcard at the rate of $1.30 USD with the exchange currently, that would cost me $1.66 CAD. That is quite the savings!


But do you have to pay any bridge tolls? Gas is not cheap either. And dealing with the border guards in both directions. On the other hand you could bring some low-priced prescription drugs into the high-priced prescription drug USA while you’re coming here, sell them and really make your trip worthwhile! :rofl:


I can walk across the border in 3 minutes. I go over for work anyway. There are no tolls. Sorry, I should have explained that I literally live on the border.


I assume since you work in the US you could probably order stamps from the USPS site and have them sent to the work address in the US. That way you can write out all your cards at home walk across and put them in a bluebox, give them to a mail person, or drop them off in person at the post office.


I actually don’t work in the US. I work in Canada. But the only way to get to that part of Canada from this part is to drive through Maine. It’s kind of a strange situation. It’s easy enough for me to stop somewhere on my commute at a post office and pick up stamps.

I appreciate all your suggestions and help. I am absolutely thrilled that I can save a bunch of cash.


Just remember though, it does matter to some folks that the card has the stamps from the country it’s supposed to be from eh?

I know a few folks in Europe who do this, but they’re always clear with direct swaps where it will be mailed from & sometimes when people know that, they pass on the swap. Good luck!


Yes, thanks. I have thought of this. I can certainly decide whose to mail from US and whose to mail from Canada. I’m not really much for swaps. I’m more of a penpal kind of gal.


You can also buy older US stamps on eBay at less than face value. Just search for “discount postage.”

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Neat. I should try that for Canadian stamps too.

Do you have to go thru border patrol each time? That would get tedious…

I do. It usually takes less than 2 minutes. Often they just scan my passport and don’t say anything. It’s a lot different when you are a local in a border town.

Also, I live in a small place. There are three different border crossings. There is rarely ever another car in front of you. I feel like when people hear “border”, they picture the major crossings like Michigan/Ontario or Washington/British Columbia. But the grand majority of crossings are not busy.

I actually cross the border 4 times each day just getting to and from work. It is not a big deal for me.


Also, if PostCrossing deals you a US address recipient, US-domestic postcard postage is cheaper than a 1 oz envelope, currently 40c.

Benton 21apr22

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Jumping on this thread- it’s a totally unrelated question- but the title still fits.

Does anyone know how much is costs to mail a panorama-sized (11 1/2" long) postcard Internationally? (Within the US it’s 58c) The USPS rules online only give a price for a domestic postcard that is unusually sized. Yes- I could ask at the Post office- it’s hard for me to get there.

@Snipe it should ok to use a global forever stamp (currently $1.30) as long as it fits within the standard letter size (no longer than 11-1/2”). the usps website also has a postal calculator if you want to double check :slight_smile:

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USA is increasing postage on july 10…fyi


“Under face value” is another set of key words to use :blush: