Presenting a seminar on Postcrossing ... ideas?

I’m presenting a seminar to a group of people about Postcrossing, and I would like ideas of things that you think are important to cover. It will be over Zoom, for about an hour. I have absolutely no idea how many people will attend. (It is in 3 days.)

Please reply with your suggestions.

As thanks, I will send 1 postcard for every 10 comments (randomly chosen, like a lottery).

Update 6 Dec 2020. The presentation is over. This topic remains open for discussion, though.


I once did a presentation in college on postcrossing. :smiley:

I think maybe you can introduce the idea of postcrossing first, i.e. the rules and the practice of sending and receiving postcards randomly from strangers all over the world.

Next you can lure them in with some of the pretty postcards and stamps you receive. :wink: Postcards and stamps are a really good platform of sharing different cultures.

If there are any postcrossers that left a deep impression on you or you made some good friends via postcrossing, the stories would be a great feature in your seminar as well. :smiley:

Good luck!


Maybe you could share the 5Ws and 1H of postcrossing:


  • who started postcrossing
  • who are the postcrossers (maybe the demographics, age groups, etc. of the postcrossers)


  • what is postcrossing (the mechanics of the system)


  • when did it first started


  • probably you could share any postcrossing meet up experience?


  • the reasons people join postcrossing


  • how this platform has helped others or how it has been used in education, or how parents actually set up account with/for their children on postcrossing

All the best for your presentation!


This! People love to hear the stories and it helps them to connect with the topic. I would also pick few active members from different countries and ask them few questions like “why are you doing postcrossing?”, “What you think is the best in Postcrossing?” etc. and then use quotes from answers in selected parts of the presentation. It could even create a fun time line along the presentation like if you start how Postcrossing was created, there could be a quote from old time member about the early Postcrossing days, and so on. It would definitely be lot of work to find members to interview and organize and select the quotes, but I think it would be a great touch.


You could mention the blog. Also the old and new forums. Presentations generally go well if you can tell a story so you might want to consider sharing your story. Share with them about Postcrossing what makes it special for you (connect to the heart) and the practical side (connect to the mind). Definitely share some of the postcards you have received. You could also mention meet ups.


You can mention what you have learned through Postcrossing.

For example I hadn’t known what Washi tapes are before Postcrossing, that there is a UN Post office in Vienna, what Zentangle is…

The list can be endless!


I would set up an interactive situation if I were in your shoes. I would show what I am doing by using my account or creating an account and ask for adresses. Or picking a member from the audience and asking them to ask for an address (then I would send the card, of course). This after thr explanation and stories and everything that was suggested here.

I don’t know if this is even technically possible through zoom. :sweat_smile: Because it would be interesting to show the process and the profile to engage people in it, but in a way that would hide the address to respect the person’s privacy.


I love numbers, so I would love to see statistics in a presentation about Postcrossing! Some fun data to present are how many postcards are sent every day, how many kilometres have been traveled, how many postcrossers there are in your country and city, and perhaps something about the user in your city who has sent the most postcards (how many kilometres their cards have traveled, or how long they’ve been on Postcrossing). The map with the little lines of where cards went would also look cool on the presentation.


Wonderful suggestions! I want to write an article for the major philatelic magazine here. That is a good way to start it off…then personalize it along the way.


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Thank you everyone. My presentation went well. I appreciate you making suggestions.


Thank you! Congrats on the successful presentation.

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