Pre-printed Definitive/Special Stamps

Hi All,

I was visiting my parents the other day, I noticed amongst my mothers post, a letter with her coupons from a large UK supermarket with what I thought was a special 2nd Class stamp, but then realised it was Pre-printed with a printed cancellation.

Something new on pre-paid mail.

Seen here and trimmed off, next to the orginal 2015 ‘Alice and Wonderland’ issue.

Do any other countries produce something similar?

I don’t seen any collection value and will discard it, but might see more of it, thoughts?


We have something similar, the stamp is pre-printed on a blank postcard and costs the same as a regular stamp. It’s the cheap but boring option.

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I have received envelopes with such pre-printed stamps here in Germany as well, but I don’t know if they’re being made anymore. :thinking:

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This is a list of past precancelled stamps:

Another topic here on forum about the argument:

I don’t know about recent issues of this kind of stamps.

Italy has never issued, but there’s a curiosity about these 2006 stamps :wink: , dedicated to 18 years old people (girls version - there was also boys version in light blue):

The first, in form of minisheet, was available only for people that was 18 years old in 2006, while the second was the version sold to the public, having a “fake” pre-cancellation.
They’ve been criticized for this discriminating form of distribution and remained an isolated case, despite the idea was to issue one different couple every year.

Isn’t it a regular prepaid postcard, that will be cancelled once posted?


Yes, it will be cancelled when posted.
I’m sorry if I misunderstood, I thought this topic was about pre-printed stamps :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s all country specific,

I recently received a prepaid postcard from Australia, which the three black lines (where the stamp would have been) recieved at inkjet postmark cancellations. Similar to what the Netherlands would do?

I’ve also recieved a prepaid postcard from Canada which had printed stamp but no postmark/cancellation.

The above picture is first time I’ve seen the UK apply a printed stamp to business/advertisement mail, usually it is just a black and white barcode with the delivered by Royal Mail and the account number of the organisation in this case C9 1002 of Tesco Supermarkets.
I think this is done to make this type of mail abit more interesting, maybe its a trial on how Pre-printed stamps would look, RM might go down this route for postage paid online.

Ignoring the Game of Thrones stamp, Pre-printed letter usually look like the evenlopes behind.


Thank you, I didn’t realise there was a topic on preprinted stamps being cancelled,

I was thinking on posting this in the stamps vs stamp labels thread, as there was a similar sub discussion

Postage labels v.s. stamps: what is your opinion?

This is amazing! In Canada (and elsewhere?) these are called Admail Indica.

Don’t discard. Highly collectible for people who collect this type (like myself) and those who collect postal stationary.
Thank you for sharing!


Germany has envelopes with preprinted stamps. They get cancelled like any other stamp. I received this one two weeks ago.