Potential Bug - Post temporarily shows as "Liked", despite having reached daily limit

I’m relatively new to forum involvement (although I’m a longtime member of Postcrossing!). I reached my like limit for the day, but was browsing around and absentmindedly clicked “like” on a post I saw. Although was prompted with the pop-up notifying me I had reached the limit, the post still displayed my like :hearts: and the displayed count displayed an increase.

This may be known or expected behavior, nonetheless I wanted to point it out as it doesn’t appear to have been mentioned in this topic. I would have only known my like hadn’t been counted despite the limit had I not re-visited the post to verify that the like limit was indeed operating correctly.

Small potatoes for sure, but trying my best to participate!


Tricky one to reproduce and could just be a special edge case. Will leave this here in case others spot it and report it here too, but as the worst case scenario for this is a new member “accidentally” liking other people posts beyond the limit, I think isn’t terribly problematic. :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting nonetheless!

PS: And welcome to the forum!

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I had this occur to me frequently. But when I went away from the page and went back, my like/likes were always gone.

It annoyed the heck out of me because I used my likes to track which lotteries I had responded to and which I had not. I don’t participate in the lotteries as much any more, so it doesn’t happen as often. Thank goodness. :grimacing:

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Thanks for the insight, Paulo. I was able to replicate it with ease yesterday when I hit my 100 like limit. It may be difficult to replicate if you have a higher limit, but I’d happily demonstrate with screen recorder, if you’d like.

As for the impact, like I said small potatoes. However, as @Tinkatutu pointed out, there may be additional experience’s I hadn’t considered.