Postscript! Japan's Stamp-Show

Everyone in the world, have you ever heard of the Japanese Stamp-Show?
The World Stamp Festival Stamp-Show is an event to enjoy and get to know stamps from all over the world, and the first one was held in 1977.
Since then, the event has been held every April.
This year, the event will be held in Asakusa, Tokyo from April 21 to 23.

A variety of events, including a special commemorative small stamp imprinting service in tie-up with Japan Post, talk shows by stamp designers, and workshops on stamps and postcards, are held for the enjoyment of visitors, along with elaborate exhibitions of stamps each time .

I love to see visitors having a good time, so I continue to volunteer as a staff member here every year.

This year, I have big news!
We, the Nadeshiko Stamp Club, have been given permission to hold the Postcrossing Meetup at this event site.
This is a miracle since the beginning of the Stamp Show!
It is also a chance to spread Postcrossing to those who don’t know about it.

We would like to thank the Stamp-Show Secretariat (Japan Post Association) for giving us this very happy opportunity, and we look forward to enjoying the meetup.

Due to the short time of the event, only one signature card per participant will be allowed.
We will prepare one official Stamp-Show postcard and one stamp for each participant.

This year there is also a tie-up with Choshi Dentetsu Railway, which will have a headmark on the train and a Stamp-Show ad inside the train.

Stamp-Show also introduced our Meetup to the public.

The stamp show closed on April 23rd.
This year7600 people attended the three-day event.
It was a big event that everyone enjoyed being released from the coronavirus.

We, Nadeshiko Kitte Club(Kitte means a postage stamp in Japanese), held a meetup there.
I will show you a little bit of the venue.
This bear is the official character of the Japan Post Office named “Posukuma” .
The another postcard is a Nadeshiko Kitte club original card.
We cut and paste the official logo and the date to make a meetup card and it’s done!
We enjoyed signing autographs by members, exchanging cards, and played rock-paper-scissors.
All the signed cards are sent to the postcrossers in the world.
I hope that the cards will be received safely.

In another space, a talk show was held by two designers who designed postmarks.
The event attracted a large crowd. When I took a peek, the postmark of Nadeshiko Kitte club exhibition was introduced by the designer.

I hope those who could not attend the event enjoy reading this article.
The stamp show will take place next April.
If you have the opportunity, please attend the stamp show and have fun!


Cool! :smiley::+1:
I would love to go there but it is so far away from here. :wink:
Have a great time! :smiley:


That’s interesting & impressive indeed.
Best luck for the post crossing meet up.

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Sounds like fun :slight_smile:
Have a Great time

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This sounds really spectacular! :smiley:

Have a great time! :smile:

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I am very happy for you! Congrats!

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Wow! :star_struck: This is so cool!

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Amazing! I would love to attend in the future.

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Please make sure to post a photo of this card so we all can admire it and get just a tiny taste of being there!


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Congratulations! Post pictures!

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Wow that’s amazing :star_struck:

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@idus @Illusearch @Solan @Robin67 @Aguaroble @Chris1124 @marupiter @TurtlePoint @JustinColorado @TSM_5

Thank you all for your kind messages😊
I made a postscript.
I hope those who could not attend the event enjoy reading this article.


Posukuma looks lovely :blush:
The cards & the envelope also are wonderful. They should reach their destinations safely.
Thanks for sharing.

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@yurakana Wow, you seem to have had a wonderful time! How good to read about it, thank you so much for the update and link! :+1: :smiley:

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@poscro-taro @yurakana

Today I actually received an official card from your meeting!!! :astonished: How :sunglasses: is that!?

I consider myself very lucky! :smiley:


Wow! Really?
It’s amazing!
I am so happy that you received the card for reading this topic :heart:
Have fun with this card :blush:

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Where can I read/view this? (Sorry, still working on my first cup of caffeine!)

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This is so cool


What a great event! The postcards and postmarks look amazing. I’ll keep an eye for them on our postcard gallery. :wink:
Thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you for sharing! Posukuma is so cute.

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