Posts from muted subcategories still show in preview on ‘All Categories’ page

Hi, I was experimenting with Billie in the Forum Help topic and we couldn’t fix this so they suggested I raise it here. I have muted some subcategories that I’m not interested in because, on the ‘All Categories’ page, topics from those categories often fill the entire preview area for the ‘Postcrossing’ category and therefore I can’t easily see the things I’m interested in.

However, with the Education category muted, for example, posts in that category don’t show up if I click into the Postcrossing category but they still show under the ‘Postcrossing’ category heading on the ‘All Categories’ page. If I go in and mute each post individually, that fixes the problem.

Here, Billie and I both had Education muted when they created the ‘Testtest’ topic under the Education subcategory, but it still showed for both of us on this page:

Why is the mute function for a sub-category not preventing topics from showing on the ‘All Categories’ page?


The mobile layout is different from desktop and shows featured topics under each category. As I understand, muting doesn’t seem to work on featured topics but on latest topics.