POSTMARKS and CANCELLATIONS across the globe! [NOT commemorative ones]

I don’t believe there’s been one from Liechtenstein posted here yet, but here’s one I got today from Vaduz:

Another card came in today from Lithuania, although this cancellation is not the clearest:

It’s merely by coincidence that both cards used Olympic stamps. What are the odds!

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11 Pictorial Postmarks which are offered by 11 philatelic post offices in Hong Kong.


Now this is the hand cancellation :crazy_face:
It seems that someone just used a marker pen. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

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The Armenian postmark is one of my most favorite among ordinary ones. It represents a 24 hour dial and shows not only the date when the stamp was cancelled but the exact time!


New Caledonia machine

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I received this cancellation from Algeria:

(I needed to - digitally - cut a bit out, so the text is not readable)


Here’s a hand cancellation I usually use at my postoffice on outgoing mail
Lviv, Ukraine


More Chinese incoming mail postmarks! The post office responsible for the delivery to my home has changed the postmark again - with several old postmarks reinstated.

Here comes the fourth version :rofl: In the first picture, you can see the handstamped incoming mail postmark is turning red. As I know, according to the regulations of China Post, all handstamped postmarks (either incoming mail postmarks or cancellations) should be in black and all machine postmarks should be in red. Someone told me that the local postal administration has a new rule of colors of postmarks. Quite confused…

“Toudi 投递” postmarks are in use again, but only No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6. I have been receiving mails every day but never seen No. 1 - 3 “Toudi 投递” postmarks appearing again.

What I’d like to feature in the last picture is the tiny postmark saying “如东路投递部 邮筒1” (Rudong Rd Delivery Department, Mailbox 1). This tiny postmark indicates that the postcard is cleared from the first mailbox on Rudong Road (Qingdao City). In China, each city has designed a postmark to indicate that a mail piece is cleared from a mailbox. These “tiny postmarks” are not unified in format.


This one is another hand postmark from Moldova, on the postcard MD-63972.

Quite different from the previous one in this thread.


UK Royal Mail Parcel Stamp Cancellation Postmark recieved today on a bulky envelope.

North Korea:

South Korea:

United States Forces Korea:


My last two postcards from Germany had blue machine (not inkjet) cancellations. They were cancelled at Briefzentrum 06 and 53.

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stamps ruiner :laughing:

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I’ve had the same from the UK.

Once I got a postcard from Nepal at official Postcrossing. Sadly, the postmark is not complete. Looks like the rest of the mark got outside the card.


Recently I got this postmark of Chinese post office. I found the shape very interesting.


From French Polynesia:

From Venezuela:

I think all of them have been stamped by hand.

Not sure if you would like to add those above to the first post, @ChristianJ.

Well, just checked and I can’t edit the first post myself.


It’s called a “permanent pictorial cancellation”. These are mostly available at philately bureaus and are not so common.

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Yes, in French Polynesia the mail is hand-cancelled. I’m glad that there wasn’t an idiot to put an ordinary postmark over the Chinese New Year first day cancellation ! (Yes, it happened… :expressionless:)

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